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Cardio Workouts – Injecting Fun

I got a message the other day about someone who was cool with their weight training workouts but when it came to their cardio they just couldn’t get over the boring factor. I think we can all relate on this matter, especially when running on the treadmill and using the elliptical trainer indoors starts feeling so repetitive!

So I thought I’d take the challenge and write up an article that can get us thinking outside the box, doing cardio bet injecting some fun into it. There is actually quite a few I can think of right away but only some will really click with you personally so just remember to do what really interests you! Let’s take a look at some…

Wii-Fit: This is pretty cool, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s Wii game console, well a cool innovation is the Wii Fit which is an extension to the console and involves a balance board that is a couple feet wide. There are a lot of fun games like running, skiing, yoga, balance strength training, and many more being created today such as Gold’s Gym Cardio workout that involves boxing and jumping rope. Sure you may be wondering why you would spend $$$ on something like this when you can do all of it for free, but the point here is adding some fun to keep you motivated and interested! It’s not going to replace your entire cardio workout, just be something you can add to those days where you have become completely bored with the regular routine![ad#ad-2]

Indoor rock climbing: this is in big contrast to the above as it can be quite intense! The first time I tried it I was quite intimidated but all rock climbing venues have an introductory lesson which will teach you the basics and you’ll see how fun and challenging it is. The more you challenge yourself with time to get up the wall, the more calories you will burn and the cool thing is that it involves your entire body with special emphasis on your core.

Squash/Raquetball: This is another great way to get your cardio workout in, and going with your partner or friend when you’re both new to it is quite a fun experience. Again, it would be good to see if you get an introductory lesson from your recreation centre so you understand the basics. The rest is a serious cardio challenge!

Swimming: probably one of the most effective cardio workouts that is also one of the healthiest for your body because there is no impact. Can be especially helpful if you have lower back pain or any other injury, in fact more physiotherapists out there will recommend it to you as part of your rehab therapy.

Jumping rope: haven’t done this since you were a kid? Well think again, because skipping has got to be one of the most challenging cardio workouts you can do that is not only fun and challenging but also works out your core and arms. Try adding a lot of variety with the way you place your feet on the floor to take it to the next level.

Rollerblading: I was lucky to have been taught how to skate when I was a kid, so switching over to rollerblading wasn’t that difficult. If you have any balance skills then you probably will be able to pick this up within a matter of weeks. The best thing about rollerblading is that it doesn’t involve impact so if you have bum knees or ankle problems then blading is a great alternative to running. It also will activate your core and especially lower back muscles, just make sure you have pads and a helmet if you are just starting out.

Surfing: Ok, if you’re lucky enough to be living near the ocean you should definitely make the effort to try surfing at least once! Sign up for some lessons and you’ll find out why surfing is such an addictive sport. Don’t think it’s a cardio workout? Well you’re going to be doing a lot of paddling and swimming to get the right wave and even then to be able to master the board you’re going to have activate all your core muscles to keep your balance.

So here’s just a handful, obviously there are a lot more fun ways to add to your cardio workouts and I will definitely write another part or two to follow up this article in the near future. The key here is to mix it up your cardio workouts as much as you can. Just make it a challenge to yourself to always continue learning new sports and activities. Once you’ve surpassed a level of training you will be pretty good at almost anything, and the better you are at any one sport/activity the more fun it is!

Do you have any other ideas of injecting fun into your cardio workouts? Please leave a comment below