dieting and weight loss while dating

Dieting and Weight Loss While Dating

Dieting and weight loss while dating may seem almost impossible. Dates almost always include meals and snacking on things like movie theater popcorn and sodas. No one wants to seem high maintenance or draw attention to the fact that they want to lose weight because no one wants to seem “weird” in front of someone they like.

However, you do not want to sabotage your efforts or the progress you have already made. Luckily there are quite a few tips you can follow to maintain your dieting and weight loss while dating!

Dieting and Weight Loss Tips While Dating
Thanks to the internet you can now check menus before leaving your house. This way you can figure out what you want before your date even shows up. A lot of restaurants will also provide calorie charts so you aren’t left guessing.

Being able to decide what to eat before getting to a restaurant will shave the time you spend debating and calculating your food options in front of your date. This will make it so you aren’t wasting your own time or your dates and you won’t look indecisive and picky, traits that are considered unattractive when you are first getting to know a person.

One of the best ways to keep up your dieting and weight loss while dating is to plan out active date activities. Going on hikes, joint bike rides, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, or any number of exercise based adventures can be fun and healthy.

The truth is that going to calorie-rich dinners, sedentary movies, or meeting up at bars where you sit and drink alcohol will have an effect on your weight loss efforts. Your will power may be strong but it is best to just avoid temptation all together.

Alcoholics are told to avoid people and places where they might most easily give in to their addictions. You can’t avoid eating out at restaurants, and you most likely don’t want to, but you can limit yourself to once a week or even once a month.

If the person you are dating isn’t interested in being active and only wants to go on dates that include eating out all the time and going to movies then you should probably think about how well this type of person fits into the new life you are building for yourself.

It is important to have people in your life that are not only emotionally supportive of your dieting and weight loss while dating goals but that take an active interest in helping you get and stay healthy.

Other tips for your dieting and weight loss while dating efforts are easy to do. Instead of ordering an appetizer and an entrée just order one. If you really want something with heavier calories then order regular or sparkling water as your drink. If you know you will want dessert then eat a low calorie entrée.

Dieting and weight loss while dating can be hassle-free if you follow these easy steps and you can enjoy your date instead of worrying about doing damage to your dieting goals.