weight loss motivation revisited

Weight Loss Motivation Revisited

As a personal trainer, I see first hand how important motivation is to weight loss success.

So I thought it was time to revisit the topic and provide you with an updated perspective on the issue.

Let’s take a closer look at weight loss motivation…

First, it’s important to understand why motivation is so important to weight loss and fitness success. Motivation essentially reflects the psychology behind weight loss. It’s that inner voice that pushes you to keep going, work harder, and overcome frustrations. Without it, none of us would make it past the first couple weeks.

Truthfully, the potential “de-motivators” are endless. This is why it’s so important to prepare for roadblocks and frustrations, because they’re sure to happen at some point. Here are 10 quick tips for getting motivated and staying motivated in any weight loss routine…

10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

1. Plan Ahead – This one seems pretty basic, but it’s fundamental to weight loss motivation. You should be planning ahead for the week, deciding on your workout for each day and visiting the grocery store so you have all the healthy food you need.

2. Follow a Schedule – In addition to planning out each day, a great way to stay on track is to know what to expect from each day of the week. This is especially true for exercise. If you plan on going for a run Monday-Thursday, then it will eventually become part of your routine, and habits are hard to break!

3. Listen to Music – This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re not already listening to music during your workouts, you really need to start. It will help you avoid boredom with your routines! I rarely recommend gadgets but these headphones have a little fin that keeps them in your ears and they sound really good too – Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i.

4. Change it Up – Change is key. Although a plan and schedule are effective motivators, the specific details (such as the exercises or meals) of the plan will become stale and boring over time. Make sure you add variety and make changes when possible.

5. Find a Partner – Whether it’s just the diet or the exercise too, doing it with a friend is a great source of motivation. I would take things a bit further and actually have a check-in time with this person every day or so if you don’t see them regularly.

6. Be Realistic – One of the greatest roadblocks to weight loss success is having unrealistic expectations. You CANNOT lose 20 pounds in a week, and if that’s your goal, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Get real, and take it one step at a time.

7. Reward Yourself – Whether it’s a once-a-week cheat meal or a new pair of jeans, reward yourself for good behavior. Looking forward to something like this will help get you through the tough days. By the way check out my weekend cheat food – protein peanut butter balls.

8. Track Your Progress – Writing things down on paper, or even keeping a fitness or diet journal, will help you get real with yourself and see your progression along the way. This can be a hug motivator! If you’re looking for a great fitness log, check out the Fitlosophy Fitbook.

9. Take Measurements – Measurements are another great way of tracking progress. But more importantly, taking measurements of key areas also helps you see your successes on paper. This is a great source of motivation and it’s something I do with all of my clients.

10. Kick Start Your Body – Sometimes seeing small successes early on can help see you through to your weight loss goals. Natural weight loss supplements can be a great way to kick start your weight loss program. I’d recommend checking out Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer or NOW Green Tea Extract.

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