weight loss healthy diet

Weight Loss Healthy Diet

One of the most effective ways of losing weight in almost all aspects always points to making sure you have a healthy diet.

In this article we’re going to look at several key points to bring back that focus to making sure you optimize a healthy nutrition plan which allows you to lose fat and improve muscle tone.

To take make this not like all the other articles out there on this topic I’m going to have sub-notes which talks about how this can be different on your training days. The reason for this is that our daily requirements is quite different on days when we’re exercising vigorously so sticking to your regular nutrition plan doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Weight Loss Healthy Diet: Fiber Intake

One of the areas most of us can really improve in our daily diet is the amount of fiber we ingest. Most of us get in the neighborhood of about 10-15 grams of fiber a day and yet the recommended number is closer to 30 grams!

High fiber foods include beans, whole grains, fruits and veggies and the top range of these would be kidney & white beans, raspberries and blackberries, rye & raw oats, pears & figs, as well as broccoli and culiflower.

The best thing about fiber is that is slows down absorption of carbohydrates which in turn means you have less of a surge in blood sugar meaning less carbs will be stored as fat.

On training days, it’s a great idea to include a high fiber food at the end of the day so slowed down digestion allows your muscles to be fed while you sleep. This means great muscle gain and less sore muscles the next day.

Weight Loss Healthy Diet: Carb and Protein Intake

When eating out a general rule of thumb to help you keep the weight off is aiming for grilled high protein foods (like fish and chicken) on the menu along with roasted or grilled veggies. Most restaurants try and add a lot of fillers such as breads, rice and potatoes but think smart and ask for more veggies and see if they can add some fun spices to really maximize the flavour.

This same rule can obviously be applied if you’re at home, just remember to make a grocery list now with these items so you’ve got all the right ingredients to keep you on track.

On training days, having a healthy carbohydrate boost about 60 minutes before your workout is a great idea to keep your energy level high and allow you to push it to the next level. My favorite picks include: bananas, yam, or oatmeal. If you are lacking any motivation or want to get a killer energy boost then try a preworkout energy matrix drink like Muscle Pharm Assault or USPLabs Jack3d

Post-workout you will want to include a berry protein smoothie (try the velocity vanilla flavor of Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey or vanilla flavour of Combat Powder as these mix really well and don’t give the chalky grainy flavour of other proteins in the market).

Weight Loss Healthy Diet: Multi’s & Omega 3’s

Considering the fact that so many of us are running around and trying to manage everyday life’s events which suck up a lot of our time and don’t allow us to eat exactly at the right time two supplements that any nutrition expert will agree to include is a high quality multi-vitamin and an Omega-3.

Multi-vitamins will include all the essential vitamins our body needs to make sure our metabolism can work at an optimal rate burning through fat and carbs for energy as well as ensuring our organs have what they need to function without any problems. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils also plays a critical role in the health of our metabolism and our brain so we think clearly and make the right decisions when it comes to what we eat and how often we exercise.

Notice when I said high quality because not all supplements are created equally. I’ve noticed that Optimum Nutrition has the highest quality ingredients and thousands of people who have reviewed them have said they have gotten the best results from them as well. I also like the fact that they have a separate multi for men vs women as we each have different requirements, check these out – Optimum Opti-Men, Optimum Opti-Women, Optimum Fish Oil Softgels (Omega 3’s).

One further note, although supplementation with these doesn’t show you radical results in a few days, long term you’ll notice you have healthier looking tone of skin, greater muscle definition and strength along with just looking younger and feeling more energetic than friends of similar age!

Conclusion: Weight Loss Healthy Diet

Put these healthy diet tips together and you are pretty much guaranteed to lose weight quite easily. You’re going to make sure you have supplied your muscles and body with all the essentials and allow it to run like a well-oiled engine. In fact, this analogy is something great to keep in mind to make this a powerful shift in your consciousness – feed your body with all the right ingredients and you will see results the fastest, don’t and you will continue to struggle and hit more bumps on the road.

Have any questions or feedback about your weight loss healthy diet plan? Please leave a comment below…