fat loss diet

The Fat Loss Diet

This article is written for those who are strictly looking to lose fat with their diet. It must be warned that you may also see a little loss of muscle size, however in the long run, the fat loss will also mean more definition. So the result may be that your muscles look bigger because there is no fat covering them!

This diet looks at restricting high Glycemic carbs to the morning only. If you are wondering why high Glycemic carbs are considered at all, the reason is because they help fuel your muscles and allow you to maximize the intensity of your workouts.

The other part of this diet looks at eliminating processed foods with the exception of instant oatmeal (although not as processed as most cereals), as the oats are a great source of fiber and carbohydrates which provide your muscles with the energy bursts they need to burn fat.

Lastly, high quality lean meats are essential to providing your body with amino acids they need to function, along with fruits and veggies to provide the vitamins and minerals. With all this in mind you will also notice that you will be eating 7 times a day and although you may consider some as snacks, let’s look at them as important meals that you don’t skip so you keep your metabolism high.[ad#ad-2]

Try this diet for 4 weeks (you can have one cheat day a week to relax with what you eat, I like for it to be Saturdays when I’m out with friends and still try and moderate it a little). After 4 weeks you are guaranteed to see a noticeable reduction of body fat.

Ready? Here we go…

This is an example of a meal plan that you can follow to keep you ongoing with your fat loss efforts. Take this as a guide and be creative with substituting different lean meats, veggies, fruits and most importantly seasonings! Great substitutes for meats includes: tuna, prawns, chicken breast, black forest ham, extra lean beef, and 7oz sirloin stripped fat steak.


Meal 1 (as soon as you wake up)
1 cup instant oatmeal with ½ cup skim milk, sprinkled with cinnamon and microwaved for 90 seconds. Add a handful of frozen blueberries on top to give it some sweetness!

Meal 2 (2 hours later)
1 banana

Meal 3 (2 hours later)
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 tbsp mustard
8 oz turkey breast
½ tablespoon reduced fat mayo
As much spinach as you like
3 cherry tomatoes
Crushed black pepper to taste

Meal 4 (3 hours later)
1 apple/orange/nectarine

Meal 5 (2 hours later)
6 oz baked salmon with crushed garlic, cayenne pepper, lime juice, 1tbsp olive oil
1 cup brown rice
3 asparagus branches with your herb of choice and ½ tbsp butter
Small yam steamed with Cajun spice sprinkled on top

Meal 6 (2 hours later)

½ cup low-fat cottage cheese and 2 strawberries sliced on top

Meal 7 (2 hours later)
½ cup fresh pineapple

Now how about that meal plan? Not as bad as you thought right? Lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats and a good amount of protein and healthy carbohydrates. You can be creative with the fruits and veggies, and if you are feeling hungry still add more veggies of any kind (celery, carrots, peppers, onions etc.).

Download and Print Fat Loss Diet:
You can now download and print out this meal plan here – Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan (right click and save as)

I want to hear your feedback about this fat loss diet plan. What do you think? Did you give it a try?