easy weight loss secret

Easy Weight Loss Secret

I’m always looking for new weight loss tips for my clients, and what better place to look than science?

Scientists have had a lot of things to say about weight loss over the years. We still hear stories on the news about the effectiveness of diets, or the health risks of certain foods. If you’re like me, this information tends to get overwhelming and a bit confusing at times.

But there’s still a lot of valuable information that comes out of it all. I’ve found that psychology can be particularly valuable, because when it comes down to it, weight loss and dieting are all about behaviors.

And in order to effectively lose weight, you have to get your behaviors in check. This includes both dieting and exercise.

A new study from the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology has revealed some important information about our behaviors that may just help you get a bit closer to your weight loss goals!

We’ve all heard it before – when it comes to the fridge, we’re more likely to eat items at the front, so placing the junk food at the back of the fridge can actually help us make better food choices.

But this new study suggests that there’s another factor at play – whether food is placed in the middle or at the sides.

That’s right, researchers from the U.K. have found that people are more likely to choose items in the middle rather that at the ends of a row. And it’s not just limited to food – it applies to pretty much everything we choose, including groceries, clothing, and even responses on a survey.

In three separate experiments, researchers tested participants’ preferences based on the location of items. In the first two, half of all participants most preferred to look at pictures that were located in the middle of a row. In the third test, the majority chose the middle pair of socks in a row.

What’s important is that it didn’t matter if the rows ran horizontally or vertically. And this is where things get important for weight loss!

The Weight Loss Secret:

When it comes to your fridge and cupboards, you need to do a little rearranging. Not only do you want to place the healthy items at the front, but you also want to put them smack dab in the center of everything.

Since research also shows that making items hard to reach deters us from bad choices, you may want to utilize the middle of the bottom shelf in your cupboard or pantry. But when it comes to your fridge, you definitely want to keep the healthiest foods right in the middle. Consider making the middle shelf the place for all your fruits and veggies, and work your way outward.

This is just one more small change that can really make a big impact, even when you don’t know it! Remember, most of our behaviors are based on unconscious processes and habits. Taking advantage of these behaviors and shifting them in small ways can bring you a lot closer to your weight loss goals!

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