3 reasons you dont lose belly fat

3 Reasons You Don’t Lose Belly Fat

Let’s face it, there isn’t a more popular health and fitness goal than losing belly fat. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging goals you can face.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I’ve seen my fair share of clients struggle to tone their waistlines and drop that belly fat for good. But in this age of information, things can get pretty confusing, and the best method for fat loss isn’t always clear.

So today, I’m reviewing 3 common mistakes in the battle to lose belly fat. If you think you’re doing everything you can but still aren’t seeing results, you need to read this list! Your frustration may be easier to fix than you think.

Here are 3 reasons that people don’t lose belly fat, no matter how hard they try…

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

1. You’re Complicating Things Too Much

Although getting creative in your fitness strategy is important (not only for challenging your body but also for preventing boredom), there is a point where you can distract yourself from the real mission at hand.

For example, the bosu ball has become a really popular fitness tool in recent years, much like the stability ball. Both are great fitness tools, but trying to incorporate them too much is going to make your workouts all about balance, and not enough about fat loss. These tools (and other like them) often reduce the impact and make your workouts too easy. So get back to basics more often, and when you do change things up, make sure you’re still challenging your body in a major way.

One great way to prevent boredom and take things up a notch is to incorporate kettle bells into your routine. Check out my Kettlebell Workouts that Burn Over 300 Calories – perfect for burning belly fat!

2. You’re Doing Too Much Cardio

Cardio is another way that people often let themselves off the hook. Although cardiovascular exercise can definitely boost your metabolism and help you lose belly fat, it’s easy to become complacent on the treadmill. You need to constantly challenge yourself to see results.

But you also need to get out of a cardio mindset. What many people don’t realize is that resistance training and weight lifting actually give your metabolism a bigger boost, and for a longer period of time. Muscle mass is directly related to your body’s ability to burn fat, including belly fat. So whatever you do, hit the weight just as often as the cardio equipment, and I guarantee you’ll see a faster reduction in fat.

For optimal fat burning results (and a flatter belly in just weeks), try my Full Body Workout Plan here.

3. You’re Not Really Pushing It

If you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, you need to get real about your current routine. It’s easy to say you’re doing everything you can, but in my experience, most people aren’t really pushing themselves as much as possible.

This is especially problematic when your goal is to lose belly fat, simply because it’s a difficult area – and many of us gain weight there before anywhere else. You need to get really intense with your fitness routine to see real results. You need to push yourself, you need to work hard, and you need to leave every work out in a sweat.

To help you boost your energy output, read my article on How to Double Your Energy Level here. There are some simple strategies you can implement to take your workouts to the next level!

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