how to double your energy level

How to Double Your Energy Level

There’s little denying it – energy is one of the biggest factors in any health and fitness goal. But how can you avoid feeling drained? And how can you stay at the top of your game?

There are a number of approaches to increasing energy. In this article, I’m going to review some of my best recommendations, with a focus on diet and natural energy-boosting supplements. Give one of these tips a try, or incorporate all of them into a healthy, energy-packed lifestyle. If you want to double your energy level, keep reading!

And remember, boosting your energy level is a great way to support your exercise goals, improve your fat loss routine, and get bigger results at the gym. Whether you want to bulk up or lean out, energy is where you need to start!

5 Strategies to Double Your Energy Level

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This one is topping my list because it’s really important that you start here. Sleep plays a huge role in your energy level all day long. In fact, one night of poor sleep is enough to throw your whole body off track, reducing your output at the gym, compromising your commitment to healthy eating, and leaving you feeling drained. So before you do anything else, you need to get your sleep on track.

I recommend starting with some basic tips first. Check out my Quick Sleep Remedies here, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

2. Exercise at the Right Time

You may not realize it, but the time of day that you exercise and work out has a big impact on your energy level. Here’s what you need to do for optimal energy:

If you have a regular cardiovascular routine, do your cardio in the morning, ideally before you head to work or start your day. This will get you energized and keep your metabolism boosted all morning long. But save the weight training for the late afternoon or evening. This will help you overcome that tired and worn out feeling at the end of your day, and help you sleep better!

3. Eat an Energy Boosting Diet

Whether it’s super foods or whole grains that you add to your diet, you need to start thinking more about the science of your food – and how much energy it’s really offering. Foods differ considerably in their energy content (measured by calories), but foods with more healthy stuff (vitamins, minerals, etc.) are always the best options for maintaining your energy level.

To help you out, I’m recommending my Diet for Increased Energy. It will help you get started with making the right choices for energy-boosting eating habits.

4. Take Your Vitamins

That brings me to another important point. While you don’t need to go overboard on the vitamins, you should be taking a multivitamin for daily support. Not only will this contribute to your overall health and wellness, but it will also keep you moving!

I recommend trying Armor-V Vitamins, one of the best vitamins on the market for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

5. Try an Energy Supplement

There are a ton of effective and safe energy supplements on the market today, like Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX (one of my favorites). Energy supplements can be especially effective before workouts, and they can definitely more than double your output.

For a more complete list of my top picks, check out my article on Best Pre-Workout Supplements here. If all else is failing, don’t be scared to try one of these powerful, hard-hitting options!

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