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Best Workout Supplements:Pre-Workout

Now that we have your best workout supplements outlined that you should be including as a long term plan let’s take a look at the best workout supplements to have pre-workout.

Your pre-workout supplements will be focused on giving your muscles maximal energy and power so you can whip through your workout and know that you have trained at your hardest.

The most important part of pre-workout supplements is that you need to ensure that you have had a good nights rest the night before otherwise their effect will be limited. If you’ve had issues with your sleep then make sure to read the first part of best workout supplements as I’ve gone over the best sleep aids and how to benefit from them the most.

Best Workout Supplements: Pre-Workout

Thermogenic Fat burner: If you’re not sure what thermogenic really means, it is really all about increasing your metabolic rate so you burn fat for energy. Most of these include stimulants such as caffeine so it a good idea to not drink any coffee on days when you are taking one of these supplements. Without a doubt the latest a greatest highly reviewed thermogenic fat burner is Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer. It’s sole purpose is to burn fat, increase energy and it is also great at helping you regulate your appetite. Close behind is another new contended and used by a large number of fitness competitors – Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix.

Best time to take these is about an hour before your workout since they do contain some caffeine which means that your motivation to get to the gym will also be pretty damn good. I’d recommend having it with a some fruit like a banana, apple or another healthy carb source like yam or a health bar such as Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bars.

Energy Matrix Booster: Probably the biggest revelation in pre-workout supplements are energy matrix boosters and I’m not talking about full of sugar and other harsh chemical drinks like Red Bull and Monster. The three most reviewed and revered in the training industry are Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX, USPLabs Jack3d and the latest which is getting huge recognition – Muscle Pharm Assault. These guys are powerhouses in giving you a huge motivation boost to get into the gym and primary ingredients are focused around Creatine, Nitric Oxide and Vitamin B’s all which are proven to help with focus, energy and power when training. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, these drinks will give you a GOOD workout.

Best time to take is about 30 minutes before your workout and are especially good with lots of ice.

L-Arginine: Arginine is a very powerful and popular amino acid because it helps us retain nitrogen which is an essential component in muscle tissue development. Consequently it also limits the storage of fat in our bodies and gives us an incredible muscle tone (especially important for those of you who feel like you can’t get your muscles to show). I came across a pure and extremely affordable arginine supplement – NOW L-Arginine that has blown my socks off (by the way I recommend the 1000mg version).

Best time to take it is about an hour before your workout with fruit or the above mentioned Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bars

Testosterone Booster: This one is for the guys who want to increase serious muscle mass (of course those of you ladies who also want to do the same this can be used as well). The main ingredient that is the most respected and reviewed is tribulus but most of these supplements in the past have been quite ineffective because of the bodies ability to adapt so quickly. But now there is a new kid in town and it has generated a ton of buzz with many bodybuilders stating it to be the best in the industry – Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel. It’s sole focus is to help you increase strength and lean muscle mass.

Best time to take it is about a half an hour before working out with lots of water.

Best Workout Supplements:Pre-Workout Conclusion

Here you have it, there is no way you can lack motivation with the above mentioned supplements. They are refined and extremely effective in providing results with getting you to work out with the greatest intensity possible.

View the next edition of this article series which talks about post-workout recovery supplements so you can get your muscles to recover after training so hard, you’re going to need it!

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