primaforce lean green tea extract

PrimaForce Lean Green Tea Extract

Green tea has got to be one of the safest ways to help you boost your metabolism with minimal side effects. If you’re a regular green tea drinker you’ll notice it’s ability to ramp up your body’s temperature in effect causing you to burn calories without almost any calorie intake from drinking it (ie. meaning you burn more calories than you consume!).

The natural caffeine present in green tea also allows you to shed any excess water weight you may be carrying around. This is why many people drink it after eating to prevent that bloated feeling from water retention.

The benefits of green tea don’t stop there either as green tea has also been shown in studies to boost your body’s immune system. If you want to know more about green tea make sure to read my article Green Tea – Top Secret Weight Loss Drink.

Now with that all said what about trying a supplement which is just pure green tea extract?

PrimaForce’s Lean Green Tea Extract is a superior product which contains 500mg of this powerful antioxidant. One capsule of PrimaForce Lean Green contains over 90% polyphenols, 70% catechins and 50% EGCG!


  • 500mg pure green tea extract
  • No other added fillers or ingredients
  • Take one capsule twice daily before meals
  • No after-taste


  • One of the most affordable green tea extracts on the market
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Enhances immune function
  • Suppresses appetite

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Recommended Product:
PrimaForce Lean Green, 500mg/60 Capsules

PrimaForce Lean Green Claims:
PrimaForce’s Lean Green is an extremely potent green tea extract, containing over 90% polyphenols, 70% catechins and 50% EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). Scientific studies show that the active ingredients in LEAN GREEN can help promote fat loss, suppress appetite, enhance immune function and prevent insulin resistance.

Primaforce was created to provide consumers with quality products at affordable prices utilizing pharmaceutical-grade, tested ingredients. Whether trying to gain muscle, lose fat or simply improve your overall health and wellness, PrimaForce’s Lean Green has the elements you need to help achieve your goal. PrimaForce is committed to providing our consumers with high-quality, research-proven products to enhance performance, body composition and quality of life.

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