lose weight quick

Lose Weight Quick

You may be short on time and want to implement a training and diet plan to lose weight quick, well truth be told you won’t be the only one especially during this time of year it’s one of the most common problems people are tweeting to me and asking me about on this blog.

Nothing seems to be working lately for you? No worries, I’m here to put it all in perspective and walk you through some old and some new techniques to help you lose weight quick without causing you too much pain or leaving you susceptible to injuries.

The only thing you need to do now is keep your focus clear. Are you ready for it?

Lose Weight Quick: Step #1

Clear out the fridge and kitchen cupboards of anything you know is obviously unhealthy. You probably already know what I’m talking about, but here is a quick and dirty list: chips, cookies, granola bars, low-fiber cereal, ice cream, pasta, white rice, white breads, crackers, sodas, and anything else which is mostly made of processed ingredients.

If the ingredients list includes words you can’t pronounce it’s a good indication that you should clear it out. (If you want more info on how to read nutrition labels check out my article How to Read Nutrition Facts Label

You have to determine now what is more important, keeping some things that will only hurt your health and put flab around your waist, or throwing them out and knowing that nothing is going to get in your way!

Do it now! Clear it all out and get ready for us to look at what foods to buy which will help you lose weight quick

Lose Weight Quick: Step #2

Ready for the grocery store? Wait a minute not so quick. I want you shopping after you’ve had a small meal so you don’t feel hungry anymore. Trust me on this one, going grocery shopping with a full stomach will help you stay totally focused on buying the healthiest foods, and this is integral to your success with what is laid out here.

Here’s a quick an dirty list of what your shopping cart should contain: as many fruits and veggies as you can get (or afford!), lean meats (including extra lean beef, fish, chicken breast, shellfish), beans, whole grain cereals and breads, spices of any kind, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta or brown rice, green tea (go for natural with no additives, but maybe aim for peach or mint flavors).

Lose Weight Quick: Step #3

I’m pretty new-school with my training and nutrition background and found some staple supplements which really work in losing weight quick and I’ve done a ton of research in this field right down to the biochemical and physiological level. Remember healthy diet comes first, but supplementing with these ideas is definitely going to give you the best boost you can get…

Vitamin B for helping metabolize foods – Now Vitamin B-12
Green Tea extract for increasing metabolic rate – NOW Green Tea Extract
Omega 3’s for optimal cardio health – AllMax Nutrition Omega 3
Whey protein for muscle recovery and growth before and after workouts – Optimum 100% Natural Whey
Sports Drink mix for quick motivation & energy boost before workouts – SuperPump 250
Glutamine for muscle recovery after workouts – Optimum Glutamine

If you can only go for two or three of these I would recommend the whey protein and sports drink mix the most. The weight loss benefits they will give you are just simply unmatched.

Lose Weight Quick: Step #4

Ok now you’ve got 60-70% of your lose weight quick plan in place, and yes diet is THAT important. So the next step is to bring in an intense workout plan. You’re going to have a challenging workout in place in order to really burn that fat in as little time as possible so I hope you’re ready for taking it up a notch.

Ideally the most effective workout plan will include 3-4 days of weight training where you split up your body parts in order to give one group a rest while working out another group in the following days. Add to this 2-3 days of an intense cardio routine and you’ve got a golden plan.

Just make sure you give yourself at least one or two days rest a week because with this intensity your body will need it or you will over-train.

You can find a number of workouts to challenge yourself with in the workouts and training section of this blog, but here are some I highly recommend looking at:

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Lose Weight Quick Conclusion

You’ve got the entire plan in place now, all you have to do is keep your focus and go for it with complete determination and will power. With a goal to lose weight quick it’s not going to be easy, but just accept this and give it everything you have. Anytime you feel like your motivation is starting to dip get back to this blog and read an article or two and you’ll find it will become easier each time to overcome anything getting in your way.

Have any questions about this Lose Weight Quick article? Please leave a comment below…