Quash Those Cravings – 5 Simple Ways

Quash Those Cravings – 5 Simple Ways

If you’re anything like the majority of women and men confined to desks in their 9-5 Monday-to-Fridays, then you probably enjoy a nice sweet or salty snack after your lunch break as a nice little perk-me-up.

Problem is these cravings are usually quite unhealthy and are a main reason you can’t seem to get rid of that lower belly fat. For instance, having a piece of chocolate after lunch each afternoon just leads temptation into having double the amount the next day.

When you’re having a particularly stressful or busy afternoon then what’s to say this craving won’t even triple… leading to that inevitable sugar crash that makes the final hours of a work day seem almost unbearable. Same goes for slow periods during the day… because, after all, one unfortunate cure for boredom is unhealthy snacking.

You get the idea. Now make no mistake this craving isn’t pertinent to your employment, but more of a bad habit you have gotten yourself into.  A habit that you can easily break, because don’t kid yourself, these after lunch cravings will add up calorie-wise quite quickly. For instance, three little Halloween-sized chocolate bars can equal up to 250 calories! And we all know the hidden dangers behind that yummy specialty coffee with extra whipped cream….

So the trick is to quash that craving. But on some days that alone can seem like the most arduous task. Let’s take a look at five simple ways that can help you maintain control:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast each morning. It’s been proven that people who eat a regular breakfast avoid cravings and illness easier than non-breakfast eaters. No, this does not mean a pastry and/or bagel topped with a pound of cream cheese—this means granola, yogurt, fruit or anything that will boost your immune and replenish your body after 6-8 hours of sleep.  In particular you will find that a plant-based all natural protein mix like Vega One will really help you fight cravings because not only is it high in protein but also in fiber and vitamins/minerals.
  • Brush your teeth after lunch. That’s right, not only will you display a nice shiny smile, but chances are also you won’t want to eat right after brushing. By the time your fresh breath fades away you will have probably forgotten all about your cravings.
  • If you need something sweet then have a fruit like a big juicy orange! This will make you feel full and also satisfy that whiny sweet tooth.  I always like to have some of these low calorie Quest Bars on hand for days when I’m feeling pretty lazy and just need something to quash my cravings.
  • Have a mint. A low-calorie, partially sweet mint can do wonders to not only help you concentrate but also to avoid that persistent doughnut calling your name from down the hall!
  • Get enough sleep the night before. Sleepiness promotes hunger and lazy solutions such as unhealthy eating. A night with adequate sleep will boost your resolve to not give into temptation as you’ll be thinking clearer and will have more energy. You may want to reference one of the better sleep articles on this site here – Sleep Cycles and Weight Loss.

And remember, reversing this habit is all in the mind. After a few days of controlling your cravings you will condition yourself with this new habit: avoiding that after-lunch snack.