TRX Workout

TRX Workout

Have you heard about TRX yet?

TRX is a total-body workout system that utilizes suspension training, and it’s revolutionizing the way people think about fitness. It offers an entirely new perspective on resistance training, and has the ability to change the way you get in shape. If you’re looking for something new, TRX is it.

What is TRX?

TRX is basically an advanced exercise system that relies on body weight for resistance, intended to offer complete upper body, lower body, and core exercises. It requires that you anchor a system of ropes and straps to a pole, tree, or some other stationary object or feature. From that point on, your strength and balance are challenged in new ways as you work out according to your own level of fitness. This is what makes TRX workouts great for beginners and more advanced lifters alike.

What also makes TRX workouts great is their portability. The TRX suspension system can be packed up easily and taken anywhere, offering complete workouts on the go. You can take a look at the package they offer here – TRX Home Suspension Training Kit.

Many TRX exercises require that you work out while suspending one or more of your body parts in the air, with the rope system often attached to the ceiling or some other feature that has height. This is why all TRX workouts are so effective for your abdominal and core muscles, as balance is something that’s challenged in nearly every TRX exercise. A TRX bar can also be used to make exercises more or less challenging.

If you’re new to the TRX suspension training system, I’m going to outline 5 beginner exercises for a complete muscle-building and toning TRX workout.

TRX Workout for Beginners

1. TRX Suspended Push-Up – With the TRX straps attached to the ceiling or taller piece of workout equipment, you’re going to get into a traditional push-up position. You want to start with the suspension handles just below waist height. Resting with your toes on the floor and aligning your back with your hips and legs, grip each handle as you face the floor. Engage your pectorals and triceps as you stabilize your core through a series of push-ups.

2. TRX Leg Crunch – With the TRX handles at about the same height as in the push-up exercise, place your feet in handles while facing the floor. Holding your palms on the floor at about shoulder-width, pull your knees into your abdomen as you engage your core. Slowly kick back and repeat.

3. TRX Suspended Pull-Up – Raising the height of the handles to about chest-level, grip the TRX handles and face the ceiling. Holding your entire body straight (back, hips, and legs aligned), engage your biceps and back as you pull your chest toward the ceiling, bending your elbows and reaching the point where the handles touch or come close to your armpits. Hold for 3 counts, lower slowly, and repeat. This is similar to a rowing motion typical of many back exercises.

4. TRX Tricep Extension – With the handles now hanging at about eye-height, stabilize your lower body (with one knee bent) as you grip the handles (palms forward) with bent elbows. Your upper and lower body should be aligned as you lean forward slightly. Using only your triceps, push on the handles and straighten your arms, lifting your body backward. Hold for 3 counts, and lower slowly back to starting position.

5. TRX Suspended Lunge – With one of the TRX handles hanging just a couple feet from the floor, place your left foot in the handle with the flat of your foot facing the ceiling. You’re going to get yourself into a lunge position here, lowering the rest of your body and bending your right knee until it’s aligned with your right foot. There should be a slight bend in your left leg as you stabilize it through the movement. Hold for a moment as you lower, lift slowly back to starting position, and repeat. Keep your back straight throughout.

Sound like an intense workout? Trust me, having to maintain your balance and stability while suspended makes this one killer workout! I definitely recommend checking out the TRX Home Suspension Training Kit.

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