best ab machine

Best Ab Machine

There are a lot of different ab machines and ab equipment on the market today, and all of them claim to offer life-changing fitness results.

But as you’ve probably figured out, some of these claims are just too good to be true. If you’re trying to tone up and build your abdominal and core muscles, there are definitely some great pieces of equipment that are totally worth your investment. And there are others, in my opinion, that don’t even deserve to be mentioned.

Over the years, as a personal trainer and weight lifter, I’ve had the opportunity to try pretty much everything. And I’m here today to tell you what I think is the best ab machine on the market, hands down.

In fact, I’m going to give you my top 3 picks! As you’ll see, I tend to take the simple approach to gym equipment.

Top 3 picks for Best Ab Machine

#1 – Powerline Ab Board

My top pick for the best ab machine, without a doubt, is this Powerline Ab Board. If you want something that’s time-tested, versatile, and effective, the Powerline Ab Board makes a great addition to your home gym. In fact, it pretty much brings the gym to you, and is versatile enough to use in other exercises that don’t target your abs and core.

With adjustable heights and angles, as well as a foot-hold for stabilizing your legs, you can get a total ab workout without the help of a personal trainer. Add these Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Balls And Kettlebells, and you can vary the resistance according to your own workout needs.

#2 – Ab Wheel

It’s been around for a while, but trust me, this simple workout device packs a powerful punch for your abs and core. In my experience, there aren’t too many ab machines that require such complete core stabilization as the ab wheel. Use it at the gym, or invest in this Ab Wheel and use it anytime you feel like an ab-toning workout.

#3 – Chin Up Bar

It’s not just for chin-ups. This Deluxe Chin Up Bar is one extremely versatile ab machine, offering a number of ab exercises in the comfort of your home. Attach it to a doorway and do hanging leg raises, or keep it on the floor to help stabilize your feet and legs during your crunches. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this one!

What to Look for in Ab Machines

Whether you go with one of these ab machines or something else altogether, there are a few things you should keep in mind when buying ab equipment.

First, it needs to be versatile. What I mean by that is that you shouldn’t waist your money on expensive ab equipment that only lets you do a single exercise. Your core and abs are a big group of muscles, and you need to hit them at a number of angles for optimal results.

You should also make sure that your ab equipment isn’t going to put too much strain on your lower back. The equipment needs to be comfortable in addition to being effective.

Be smart about your purchases. Remember, home gym equipment is an investment!

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