Top 3 Healthy Things Every Relationship Needs

Healthy Relationships are Damn Sexy!

All different kinds of relationships play pretty important parts in our lives, and they especially play a big role in our overall health impacting how we feel about ourselves and in turn how we treat our bodies.

Think about this for a moment, but I’d argue that you probably have overlooked the importance of your relationships in your health and fitness, whether it be with friends, family or that special someone they in one way or another influence your eating and fitness schedule.

This can be particularly troubling when you have someone who isn’t on the same track as you and cause you to off track and into a bumpy road of drinking too much or eating out with no concern of healthier options sometimes even making you feel guilty for not relaxing and having fun.

Of course balance is key, but if this unhealthy pattern becomes the norm which too often is the case then I think you know already where it is headed.

But if we flipped this and thought about the whole circle you might pay more special attention to the implications of your relationships on your health. A healthier you can mean that all your relationships are in fact also healthier. Why? Because staying fit and healthy also keeps you happier, helps you deal with stress better, sleep better and even have more satisfying sex with your partner. Need I say more?

So for this article we’re going to shift gears and talk about relationships with your partners and dive into Top 3 Healthy Things Every Relationship Needs.

To start, begin with thinking about how healthy habits can improve your relationship. The trick is to have some honest communication with particularly your partner about these things, and ideally, adopt these strategies together.

1. Healthy Eating Habits

This first relationship health tip gets at what I was already talking about. If there’s one healthy thing a relationship needs, it’s a healthy approach to food. It doesn’t mean you have to love the exact same things, but it’s going to be pretty difficult if you’re stuck on salads and your significant other is always binging on fast food.

The How-To: Make it a habit to cook together at least 3 nights a week, and make the meals healthy. If you live together, you might want to have a bigger discussion about how to get in sync with food.

For a simple diet plan to start with your partner, try my Common Sense Diet Plan here as anyone can adapt it and it definitely provides a structure which you can follow and feel satisfied throughout the day.

2. Active Time Together

The second tip gets at physical fitness. I’m a pretty firm believer that one of the best things for a relationship is for both people to care about their physical health and fitness. It seriously just makes everything else better, from less arguing to feeling better about one self. It’s a no brainier that couples who find opportunities to get active together have healthier sexier relationships (Generic Viagra).

The How-To: You don’t have to hit the gym together if you don’t want to. I get it, a lot of people like their gym time alone. But make it a habit to get outdoors together and get active, whether it’s biking, running, or playing a sport.

3. A Healthy Sleep Schedule

The last healthy thing every relationship needs is a solid sleep schedule. When sleep schedules are totally out of sync, or when one partner’s sleep is a complete mess, somebody’s going to suffer. This is especially the case if you live together. So you need to get your sleep in check, and try to find some common ground.

The How-To: Work schedules don’t always make this easy, so at the very least, try to get a few nights a week on a similar schedule. Even if one of you is a morning person, going to bed together at a decent time is a great way to stay connected and feeling refreshed the next day. For some quick fixes, check out my Quick Sleep Remedies here.


Conclusion to Better Relationships

I hope that you find this gives you at least one nugget to run with. For the health of you AND your relationship, start thinking healthy and make some of these simple improvements because they will work. If you’re still single, these might be some important considerations going forward and in the meantime put together how you would like it to look like once you are in a relationship.

Have anything else that you would add to this list or do you have some feedback you’d like to share, please leave a comment below…