Shredded Abs within 4 Weeks

Lean Abs STAT!

You want shredded abs fast, and trust me I get it. The challenge with abs is getting your body fat down, that comes to no surprise but how do you do it so you don’t feeling totally overwhelmed or frustrated from the lack of results.

The approach I’m going to give you is one of the better strategies for both women and men which will allow you to break it down week by week and push hard but not too hard that you get all emotional because of lack of food or workouts that are too crazy for you to accomplish.

Now if you have more than a few inches of spare tire around your waist it will take you a bit longer so just cycle through the weeks until you get the results that you will be happy with.

Remember, it’s not about the calories or what others think, it’s how good you feel after you eat and train smarter.  This shift in your mental game is what you need to kill it, and if you need a little more motivation leave me comments at the bottom of this blog and I will personally step up and help answer any questions you may have.

Let’s get to it…

Shredded Abs 4 Week Plan

Week 1:

This is the week where you make 3 changes to your daily routine. I’ll give you a six to select from, but 3 of them together will help you see changes to your waist-line within the first week alone.

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier just three times this week and go for a fast walk or jog
  • Eat upon wake-up but stop eating anything other than water 3 hours before your bed time
  • Cut out anything that comes from a can, a box or a restaurant (fast food or regular) this entire week
  • Drink 4 glasses of water more than you typically drink each day, if you exercise on that day drink an additional 2 glasses
  • Take the stairs every opportunity you get and park farther from wherever you are going to get more movement every day
  • Split your breakfast portion in half and add a healthy smoothie (Try one of these 7 Lip Smacking Smoothie Recipes)


Week 2:

You’re seeing some results, now take it to the next level and do all 6 of the above suggestions.  These work and they’re pretty easy to do so don’t stop, keep pushing.


Week 3:

Here is where you’re going to change things up.  With your fast walk/jog you’re going to start implementing interval training.  If you haven’t  done interval training before, all it means is adding short 30 second spurts of high intensity everything-you-have boosts to your cardio.  So if you’re walking fast, every 2 minutes switch in 30 seconds of walking as fast as you possibly can.  Of course you can also do this with really any cardio such as jumping rope, bicycling, rowing or even jogging in place.

You’re going to do this 3-4 times this week so make sure you are hydrating really well.


Week 4:

This week is the ultimate week in your diet plan.  Out of the 7 days your goal is to have 3 days of super healthy eating.  I’ve made it super easy for you in this article: A Day of Healthy Eating. I’ve included some of my favorite recipes that are very tasty and include the best of the best ingredients to make sure your muscles are completely nourished.



There you have it, it’s not as bad as you thought right?  This 4 week approach has worked on hundreds of people I’ve coached over the years, just remember the key to your success is keeping the focus on how good you feel after each success, whether you measure your success by the task, by the day or even by the week.


Have questions on the above or need an extra boost?  Leave me a comment below…