marathon training tips

Marathon Training Tips

Have you considered training for a marathon? Or just want to get into marathon shape?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, marathon training can raise your level of fitness to new heights. Not only is it a great way to burn a ton of calories and condition your muscles for endurance and stamina, but preparing for a marathon will also train your mind. Marathon training takes a lot of commitment and discipline that can be applied in a number of other facets of your life.

And the best part? Marathon training doesn’t require you to actually run a marathon. If you’re a beginner, the thought of participating in a marathon may be a little too intimidating. But you can still take advantage of these marathon training tips. Apply them to your cardio routine, or prepare for a fundraiser of physical proportions!

Marathon Training – 10 Killer Tips

1. Get In Racing Shape – Before you get too serious, you need to prepare yourself physically. I recommend starting your training at the gym on a treadmill or an elliptical, depending on your level of fitness. Generally speaking, you should be able to 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity cardio on one of these machines.

2. Build Some Muscle – Besides cardio, you should also prepare your lower body and core by engaging in regular leg and abdominal workout routines. This will help to further condition your muscles for high endurance training. Get started with my Killer Leg Workout and my 15 Minute Ab Workout.

3. Find Your Stride – When you start running, it’s important that you find the pace that works best for your level of fitness and experience. You don’t want to be running so fast that you exhaust yourself within minutes. Find a comfortable stride that doesn’t make breathing difficult.

4. Get Some Good Shoes – The right shoes can go a long way to help you train successfully for a marathon. A good pair of shoes can provide you with the support you need and reduce the impact on your joints. My top picks are the Nike Vomeros for Men and Nike Vomeros for Women.

5. Protect Your Feet – Blisters are a common occurrence for runners, but you can easily protect your feet with the right socks or insoles. Another easy trick is to place band aids on your heels.

6. Protect Your Bones – There’s no denying that marathon training can be hard on your body, but protecting and strengthening your bones can be easily accomplished by taking a calcium supplement like NOW Calcium and Magnesium.

7. Ice Up – Don’t save the ice for serious injuries. Icing your shins, knees, and calves is an inexpensive way to reduce inflammation after a long run. This will lead to faster recovery and fewer injuries over time.

8. Use a Heart Rate Monitor – Wearing a heart rate monitor during your training is an easy way to track your progress. Watching your body improve is also a great way to stay motivated. Check out this Bowflex Classic Strapless Heart Rate Monitor.

9. Make Gains Gradually – The biggest mistake I see when it comes to running and marathon training is trying to do everything from Day 1. Your body simply isn’t ready for it, so you need to work your way up slowly and gradually. You’ll actually reach your goals faster this way, preventing strains and injuries.

10. Don’t Just Run – My last training tip is a pretty important one, and it brings us right back to fitness. In addition to running, you should be engaging in a number of other exercises in order to more fully condition and strengthen your body. One of the best additions out there is jump rope. It will help you improve your game in a serious way – and cross the finish line in half the time!

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