The Simple Elimination Diet that Could Change Your Life

Get Seriously Healthy with these Simple Changes

I’m all about a no-nonsense approach when it comes to dieting and eating healthy.

As I’m sure you agree, diet fads and trends can get pretty frustrating to sort out, and in most cases they just don’t end up working long-term.

Today I’ve got something a little different for you. It’s simple, it’s flexible, and it’s definitely no-nonsense.

It is an elimination approach to dieting. All I mean by that is that it involves removing some stuff from your diet in order to lose weight, tone up, and boost energy. It’s hard to avoid elimination altogether, because there are a lot of ingredients hiding in almost everything we buy out there, but I promise this is going to be a feasible approach.

This handful of simple eating rules could literally transform your life, so give these rules a try for the next 30 days. See how you feel, watch your energy levels when you’re working out and figure out what’s best for you.

The Simple Food Rules that Could Change Your Life Forever

Rule #1 – Eliminate Dairy

Again, you only have to try this for 30 days, but the hormones and antibiotics given to dairy cows have recently been linked to a number of poor health outcomes. Most importantly, if you have even a slight dairy allergy it could aggravate other health problems and make pre-existing pain worse. Try replacing dairy products with other alternatives (like coconut milk or almond milk) and see how you feel!

Rule #2 – Eliminate Soy

Now this may sound difficult considering I just asked you to eliminate dairy products from your diet, but soy is perhaps even worse. The problem with soy is that it’s highly processed, and in addition to that, it has a high amount of pesticide and herbicide use. Going organic can help, but then there are also risks of it interfering with hormone levels. I say avoid this one altogether. Again for a healthier alternatives, try almond, rice, or coconut milk.

Rule #3 – Eliminate Wheat

This one is probably the toughest one on this list. But again, I’m only suggesting you try it for 30 days and see how you feel. A lot of people report improvements in energy levels, sleep, and fat loss when removing wheat products from their diet. It’s definitely the hardest in the first couple of days, but stick with it. It gets easier. For replacements, go with things like quinoa, whole grain brown rice, and barley.

For more information, read my article Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.

Rule #4 – Eliminate Processed Sugar

Sugar is difficult because it’s added to nearly everything today – an estimated 80% of processed and packaged foods are said to contain added sugar! It’s also addictive, as a lot of studies are showing now, which can make it difficult to eliminate at first. But once you’re off it, you’ll find that your energy levels stay more consistent throughout the day. Go ahead and enjoy fruit and other foods that contain sugar naturally, but in moderation.

Read my article on How to Quit Sugar in 30 Days here.

Rule #5 – Eliminate Alcohol

So this one’s more of a temporary experiment for your body, but if you’re really trying to lose weight or tone up, alcohol is going to interfere with that goal. This is because it’s really high in calories. So at least try taking a break!

Pretty simple, right? Of course you still want to make smart decisions all around, like avoiding fried foods and junk foods, but give these strategies a try for the next 30 days. I’m pretty sure you’ll like how you feel – and look!

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