sagging skin after weightloss

Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

Avoiding sagging skin after weight loss is a huge concern for quite a few people, especially with all of the press around the issue over the past few years. No one wants to lose weight only to end up looking like they are melting or deflated but unfortunately, it does happen.

Sagging skin after weight loss is a result of the elasticity of the skin being pulled too far out over time. In fact, this is also how stretch marks occur.

Generally, our skin is quite resilient so if you only have ten or twenty pounds to lose then you probably don’t need to worry about avoiding sagging skin after weight loss. However, losing fifty pounds or more can be of some very valid concern.

Every cell in our body renews over time and that is true for our skin also. The key to avoiding sagging skin after weight loss is just that, time. Most of the people that we see on TV that have tons of sagging skin have gone to extreme measures to lose weight but they have done it too fast.

The fact is that it isn’t healthy to lose 50 pounds in two months. Your body can go into shock because your organs haven’t had the time to adjust to the changes in your nutrition.

What’s more important is that chances are you won’t be able to maintain that loss because you never took the time to really understand proper nutrition and exercise.

The fact of the matter is that eliminating fat cells too fast doesn’t give your skin the time it needs to shrink back with the rest of you. Those that undergo weight loss surgeries are generally the ones that experience a lot of loose skin because they lost weight too fast.

Most of these people end up having a tummy or full body tuck in order to regain a normal shape. Surgery almost always leads to more surgery and that is why we should try and lose weight with a much smarter approach to changing our diet and exercise plan.

Sagging Skin after Weight Loss: How to Avoid

Avoiding sagging skin after weight loss is definitely possible even if you have a lot of weight to lose. You should make your weekly weight loss goal 1.5-2 pounds. Most doctors agree that this is a rate of loss that our skin can actually handle.

If you are one who has already gone through major weight loss and didn’t follow this rule, it’s not too late but you will have to be patient and continue on with the following tips.

The first and smartest approach would be to replace as much fat as you can with muscle. That is why a resistance training plan with weights is highly advisable for those seeking major weight loss.

The added muscle tissue will help tighten your skin as it pulls together and the best part is that the muscle will also burn more calories thereby acting as fat incinerator.

To do this most effectively it is a great idea to include a 4 or 5 day training plan which involves weights. Take a look at the workouts and training section of this site for hundreds of workouts to chose from for both women and men.

Of course, eating correctly also plays a major role in your weight loss plan. Eating the right foods gives us the energy boost we need to exercise and exercise is a big part of tightening your overall shape. There are some foods that help burn through belly fat more effectively (try this article: Fat Burning Compatible Foods) so stick with these to minimize sagging skin as much as you can.

Depending on your age you will also find that nutrition and exercise will be even more critical as a 20 year old will have a body which can be more resilient than someone in their 40’s. But don’t make this an excuse, just go even smarter and stay patient and dedicated, your determination will work wonders on this. I’ve seen it time and time again!

Last but not least make sure you drink lots and lots and LOTS of water. Hydration is important because it flushes out toxins and cleans the system. Sodas and even juices are far too high in sugar to be consumed on a daily basis, but water is your skin’s best friend.

Furthermore, avoiding sagging skin after weight loss can be helped with a smart approach in taking natural supplements which help with enhancing cell function and repair…

Supplements to Help with Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

Omega 3’s can help with fat metabolism and body composition (Try: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega)
Glutamine is a powerful amino acid which helps muscle tissue become rock hard (Try: MHP Glutamine-SR)
Green tea extract can help with fat oxidation leaving muscle behind and not fat (Try: Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer)
Vitamin C is both a strong antioxidant which helps fight wrinkles but also helps with circulatory system and fighting diseases (Try: NOW C-1000)

Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

I hope this article has helped you get a good grasp on how to avoid or reduce sagging skin after weight loss. Bring in a 4 or 5 day resistance training plan, eat lots of veggies and lean proteins (especially a high quality whey protein like Cellucor IsoPro Ultra Lean as your healthy snack) and also drink plenty of water (aiming for at least 2 liters a day). Stay determined and patient and never give up as it will take just time and the smart training/diet approach to give you optimal results without surgery.

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