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Home Fitness for Busy Lifestyles

On some of the popular TV shows we see people losing 10 pounds a week and then we beat ourselves up because we can’t seem to achieve that. Well, that’s because we have lives! We can’t spend eight hours on a treadmill every day. So, what are some fitness exercises at home for bus lifestyles?

You’d be surprised how much you can actually accomplish in your own home. There is always the option of buying a cardio machine like a treadmill or an elliptical or a stationary bike. You can also get aerobic videos as well as weight training instructional videos. But those take at least 20 minutes and normally longer.

The best way to get fitness exercises at home for busy lifestyles is to slip it in here and there throughout your day. You are more likely to jog in place for two minutes than you are to go running for an hour once you are done with work or errands or whatever it is that keeps you busy. Taking two minute breaks to jog or do jumping jacks randomly throughout the day can actually add up.

Take the stairs whenever possible. It doesn’t really take that much longer and stairs are great for muscles building as well as for getting your heart going. Walk or bike whenever possible. If you have small children then bring them along in the stroller. Your arms will be doing some resistance and you’ll be teaching your kids good habits.

When it comes to limited time for strength training intensity is the key. Find hand weights that are a good size and then work your arms quickly doing two sets of 10 for bicep curls and tricep exercises. This will be fast but effective. If you’re looking to make it easy and buy some online try these Altus Dumbbell Set or Cap Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set.

If time is a huge issue then you probably want to go for the exercises that work your entire body at once. This way you can do just a few repetitions but still hit all of your muscle groups. There are a few exercises that will help you accomplish this.

One of the most highly recommended fitness exercises at home for busy lifestyles is called the squat. A squat is exactly what it sounds likes. You stand with you feet shoulder width apart and your back straight. You then bend your knees and lower your body down with your legs, keeping your back straight and head forward, until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You can do this with a barbell across your back or without.

Another great full body exercise is a push up. For a push up you just need to lay with your stomach on the ground and lift yourself with your hands and feet. You want to make sure your back is straight and then bend your elbows, using your arms to support you as you dip down and come back up. You can also perform a vertical pushup by leaning against a wall at an angle and then pushing your body away from the wall and back to the wall again.

If however you are looking for more advanced full body workouts check out Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes or Full Body Workout Plan and many more in the workouts and training section of this website.