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Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Dessert & Still Skinny

In keeping with this week’s theme, I thought I’d write up another fun article which talks about having dessert and still staying skinny in order to keep your weight loss motivation high long term.

Let’s face it, when it comes to healthy eating and keeping our motivation high to lose fat weight and continue to build lean muscle mass there has to be a point of balance. Life is too short not to enjoy the little things and for some of us (me included!) dessert goes a long way to bring a little happiness after a tough week.

The thing about dessert is that it can be especially bonding if you are sharing it with a friend or your partner because it brings out the kid in us and it definitely releases feel-good endorphins.

Whatever your achilles heel is when it comes to desserts there are a few tips to keep in mind which will allow you to keep your will-power strong when it comes to a sensible weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips #1

Remember it’s all about balance. We eat well and train hard on a weekly basis because we want to feel and look our best, and yet we still want to feel in control and exercise our mental power when it comes to our favorite desserts.

So how about this? You allow yourself dessert once a week or at a maximum twice a week. Personally I like to make it easy on myself by being super healthy during the week and then relaxing a little on the weekends.

For a while I was really fixated on being super healthy all the time but the stress of this would eventually get to me and not relaxing made me feel like I was missing out on life. Once I changed this to allowing myself one fun dessert a week it seemed like everything became a lot more light-hearted.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips #2

When we starve our bodies of carbohydrates and focus too much on our calorie consumption often times we become energy deficient and become tired both physically and mentally.

This is when our will-power is at its weakest and we succumb to one dessert after another. It’s time to change this if this sounds like you.

Next time you feel tired do what I do and see the difference. Have a whey protein shake mixed with ice, water and a little skim milk (or lactose free milk if you’re lactose intolerant). My favorite tasting whey proteins are the chocolate milk flavour of Myofusion or the simple vanilla flavour of lactose-free Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey.

Trust me on this one. You’ll see quite a few positive benefits from greater energy, greater will-power and increased lean muscle mass which in the end will also help you with weight loss.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips #3

If all else fails in trying to keep your dessert intake to once a week, this trick is one of the most powerful I’ve found to work for quite a few people.

It involves lots of water and half a banana. The sugar and vitamins/minerals in the banana help satisfy any electrolyte or blood sugar imbalances, and the water makes sure that it isn’t thirst disguising itself as hunger.

So simple and it works all the time! If you have any doubt allow yourself the dessert but have the banana and a glass of water first. Then you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Dessert & Still Skinny

I hope you enjoyed this article and the tips that will keep you succeeding with your weight loss plan. One other item I’d like to suggest in order to keep your cravings in check is a multi-vitamin. Optimum has a new multi-pack that will satisfy all your vitamin and mineral needs, check it out – Optimum Super-Multi Pak.

Have any questions or feedback about dessert and still skinny weight loss motivation tips? Please leave a comment below…