How to Make Running More Fun

Run Faster, Harder, Better

I don’t know about you, but it only takes me about 20 minutes of running to get bored. Whether it’s outside or on a treadmill, running is one of those things I don’t always enjoy doing.

But nevertheless, running is a great cardiovascular workout. Not only is it an effective way to maintain overall health and wellness, it also boosts your metabolism and burns a ton of calories. And whether you find it fun or not, running is totally energizing.

So that’s why I’ve come up with 5 strategies to make running more fun. If you’re bored with your same old running routine or have been waiting for the right reason to start, give one of these tips a try. Overcoming boredom is one of the secrets to staying motivated!  With the right determination and strategy your goal should always be to run faster, harder and better and here are some tips to help you achieve that and have fun along the way.

Ready for these tips?

5 Ways to Make Running More Fun

1. Bring a Frisbee with You – Rather than sticking to the same old running trail, grab a Frisbee and find an open area outside. Imagining that you had a partner, throw the Frisbee ahead of you and run after it as fast as you can until it hits the ground. Repeat this pattern as much as you like for some intense sprinting. Not only will this routine pass the time, it will also get you running in some interesting patterns!

2. Try Free Running – Free running (sometimes also referred to as parkour) has become a serious sport around the world, but you don’t need to get as serious (or as crazy) as the pros. Free running involves pretty much any movement intended to get you from one point to the next, whether it’s jumping, climbing, or rolling on the ground. Start by incorporating some basic movements into your running routine, like jumping off of curbs, over benches, or down stairs. Trust me, it can be a lot of fun!

3. Reconnect with Nature – If you’re a serious runner, you may use every gadget at your disposal, from a heart rate monitor to headphones. For a simple change, try shedding your running gear and change up your pace a bit. If you normally run on cement trails, try a more natural setting. Allowing yourself to enjoy the experience can be an easy way to fight boredom.

4. Invest in Some Cool Gear – On the other hand, if you don’t currently use a lot of gear, trying out a heart rate monitor or buying a killer pair of headphones can make running more fun and interesting. Even the right pair of shoes can make running more enjoyable. Here are 3 of my top picks for running gear:

5. Get a Running Buddy – I’ve found that this strategy is the best way to make running more fun, hands down. Running with a partner will keep you motivated and help you last longer. If you can’t find a partner, consider running with a dog. They can add a lot of variety and fun to any running routine. But if you can’t find a buddy of any kind, try giving yourself some time- or distance-related goals, and get into a race mentality!

For more running tips, check out my article on How to Get in Shape for a Race. This is another way to make running more fun and defeat boredom once and for all!

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