Quick Weight Loss Tips

In this article you will read a list of quick weight loss tips which are so simple that you may find them quite surprising. Here we go…

Quick Weight Loss Tips
1. Cut out sodas and replace with Green Tea
2. Cut out fast foods and replace with fast healthy meal recipes
3. Don’t skip breakfast!!!
4. Focus on eating lots of fibre.
5. Get adequate sleep.

Now let’s look at these with a little more detail:

1. Cut Out Sodas and Replace with Green Tea
What is one of the easiest ways to lose weight? Stop drinking regular sodas. It baffles me how many people still do this! Did you know a can of coke has 155 calories? One of those big drinks at the theater has 300+ calories! Compare this to an orange which has only 37 calories yet packs a ton of vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which helps get rid of free radicals in the blood. Free radicals have been shown to speed up the aging process! So replace that can of coke with a fresh fruit such as an orange and you’ll stay younger.

But some of you may want to quench your thirst so what about you guys? Well water is the best and easiest choice. However, want to lose more weight? Drink green tea, not only does it has polyphenols which are antioxidants and may also help fight cancers, but it also has been proven that green tea bumps up your metabolism burning an extra 80 calories/day!

2. Cut out fast foods and replace with fast healthy meal recipes.
Fast foods have so many negatives there are too many to list. Here are some of the biggest negatives:

  • Even though it may be fast, waiting in a line-up during a busy lunch hour could take more time than preparing something yourself.
  • You will be constantly bombarded with upsizing, combo packages and other junk food you don’t really want until you are presented with it.
  • You can’t fully customize anything exactly as you want it. Think extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

So take a little time and prepare your meals in advance. On the weekend get some lean meats, fresh cuts such as turkey and ham from the deli and you can make some yummy wraps and sandwiches in a matter of minutes. You’ll eat what you want and enjoy your food even more! Click here to view some fast healthy meal recipes.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast
The biggest MISTAKE a lot of people make is that they skip their breakfast because they think that starving themselves for a little longer will mean their body will burn more fat. In fact, the opposite is true after your 8hour fasting period also known as sleep! Bottom line is after sleep your body is looking for nutrients to replenish your muscles with protein, sugars and essential vitamins & minerals. This not only for every day muscle function but especially true if you had any exercise the day before as your muscles have been trying to repair themselves over night and have utilized the stored proteins, sugars and vitamins/minerals.

Skipping breakfast means whatever meal your body gets next it will try and STORE as much of it as possible especially as fat. Skipping breakfast means you made your body believe it may not get another meal for an extended amount of time. So….DON’T skip breakfast!

4. Focus on eating lots of fibre.
In fact, did you know that Health Canada recommends that we should get 25 grams of fibre each day?! Most of us only get about 8-10 grams/day. For instance, a bowl of most high fibre cereals only packs about 5 grams of fibre! Dietary fibre is an important part of our diet and helps keep us regular, feel full longer, and curves calories of your meals by attaching to fats and proteins (because our body cannot digest fibre). Fibre is found in whole grain products, vegetables (potatoes with skin, broccoli, yams), fruits (strawberries, bananas, apples, figs), beans, and nuts.

5. Get adequate sleep.
Have you ever noticed that if you stay up late past midnight that you get the munchies? Or you are on a red eye flight and you get some strange desire to eat things that are deep fried or very sweet? This is probably our natural instinct to store food because of a primitive sense of danger. So cut your calories and get to bed early and have 8 hrs sleep. This is one of the lasiest ways to lose weight, so do it! Adequate sleep will make you feel better about yourself the next day and give you more energy to really care about your body and prepare your meals.