healthy eating holiday strategies

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategies

The holidays are quickly approaching, and if there’s one thing we know to expect, it’s a lot of good food.

But that good food isn’t necessarily the healthiest, especially when it comes to the treats and desserts – or the overeating that many of us tend to do!

So what can you do to eat healthier this holiday season? Well believe it or not, there are a number of simple things you can do to ensure you don’t pack on the extra pounds.

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategy #1 – Eat Frequently

This tip is especially helpful on days when you have big dinners planned. Eating small meals throughout the day will help keep your metabolism up, which means you’ll burn more calories when it comes to dinner time. You’ll also be less likely to binge and overeat.

Many people starve themselves all day just so they can eat an extra helping of mashed potatoes or have an extra slice of apple pie. But this is the worst thing you can do if you’re worried about gaining weight. Your body will go into survival mode and all those extra calories will be stored as fat! So prepare yourself – have a solid breakfast and a few small meals before that big dinner!

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategy #2 – Eat Slowly

You may be excited for that ham or turkey, but don’t dig in too quickly. If you slow down a bit, you’ll likely end up eating less in the long run. This is because your stomach takes a little time to start feeling full.

You should also take more time chewing your food. This will also aid in digestion and prevent excess fat storage, and like eating slowly, it will mean eating less in the end.

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategy #3 – Control Your Portions

Whatever you do, don’t pile up your plate! Take small portions to start, and then go for seconds only if you still feel hungry. Remember, there are always leftovers! And you have to leave room for dessert.

When controlling your portions, try to get a good balance between the food groups. Make sure you have a decent amount of protein, as this will help speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Also make sure you’re getting lots of veggies on your plate, and don’t overdo the breads and carbs.

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategy #4 – Enjoy

Regardless of your goals, make sure you enjoy your holiday meals. There’s always room for a little indulgence. Personally, I try to make sure I’ve put in my workouts for the week, and I always plan on a day-after workout to make up for those extra calories. You can still enjoy that dinner and dessert without putting on the extra pounds!

Healthy Eating Holiday Strategies – Conclusion

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