Diet Plan Summary: The Fat Smash Diet was created by Dr. Ian K. Smith best known from VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club where Hollywood celebrities competed to lose weight by following his plan.

It focuses on eating as many fruits and veggies as you like instead of meat, dairy products and processed foods. The formal diet is a 90 day program divided into 4 phases wherein your cravings for unhealthy foods are supposed to be smashed.

Phase 1 – Detox (9 days)
Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet is a nine day detox period where you are supposed to lose all your bad habits. But really, can you rid yourself of all your bad habits in 9 days? Already I see a problem with this phase 1 as most people I know will not be able to stick to this for 9 days. Nevertheless, the idea is to reduce calories significantly and drinks lots of water to flush your body. 4-5 meals are mandatory regardless of you being hungry or not and you aren’t allowed to skip meals. Do you already see a problem with this diet like I do? That means you have to preplan all your meals and you can’t go off course even at work. Some quite rigid and strict guidelines, but I guess it is only for 9 days!

Even though Dr.Smith doesn’t want you to count calories he does want you to eat foods that are only raw, grilled or steamed (noting fried and no processed foods) in this first phase. Foods that are allowed include unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables (unlimited? Who are you kidding Dr. Smith? From experience I can tell you that if you eat more than 10 servings of fruit a day you will see results you don’t want to see as fruit sugars are usually stored in your body as fat. ), chickpeas, lentils, tofu and beans. Also allowed in limited quantities include: brown rice, low fat, skim or soy milk and yogurt, oatmeal, egg whites and herbal teas. Fats limited to a max of 3 tablespoons, with 1-2 tablespoons olive oil/day and no potatoes or avocados. Remember – 9 days!

Phase 2 – Introducing Additional Foods (3 weeks)
3 week period introducing other foods but still maintaining the schedule of 4-5 small meals throughout the day and enjoying them raw, grilled or steamed still. Foods allowed in limited quantities in this phase include lean meats, seafood, whole egg, cheese, avocado, a variety of whole-grain cereals, butter, fat-free mayo, coffee (10 ounces a day), granulated sugar, fruit juice, diet soda, lemonade, and club soda.

Phase 3 – Bigger portions & Dessert (4 weeks)
Still embodying the first two phases but portions are now a little larger and pasta & bread plus 1 desert/day are introduced for the first time. Desserts are chosen from a small list of those accepted by Dr.Smith.

Phase 4 – Beer & Pizza
Well this is supposed to set the “Temple” for the rest of your life. You can include beer, pizza, wine and potatoes, but guided with exercise, portion control and not skipping meals (sticking to 4-5 meals/day).

Claimed Diet Benefits: The Fat Smash Diet claims to change your relationship with foods and get you hooked on physical activity for the rest of your life (how it does this is a bit cloudy!). Upon completion of Phase 4 and 90 days later you should be making better food decisions, eating fewer calories per day, exercising and most importantly losing weight. During Phase 1 (the detox stage) your cravings are supposed to be smashed (that easy hey? Who knew?!).

Possible Diet Dangers: If your body is used to a high calorie diet consisting of several thousand calories a day, switching to a low calorie diet may cause major health problems. Consult your physician if you are thinking about this diet beforehand. My recommendation is that you will want to start off with gradually limiting your calorie intake at first by dropping all processed and fast foods, therefore doing a pre-phase stage to prepare your body for the diet.

My Personal Conclusion: The fat smash diet is definitely more suitable for those who are not clinically “obese” as the first stage is rather strict and does not prepare you for a major shift in your diet. I would also like to see more of an emphasis on exercise plans that go along with the diet to gradually adjust your body for a healthier lifestyle. In agreement with my conclusion -the spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (Tara Gidus) has been also noted as saying that the first phase is too strict and may be too difficult for deters to get through.

It is almost like the Fat Smash Diet was written backwards from someone who has already succeeded with their goals and that is what many may have a problem with unless they have someone like Dr.Smith monitoring them and providing them with constant motivation. Have you tried the Fat Smash Diet? Please let us know your experience with this Diet in the comments section below.