jake gyllenhaal prince of persia workout

Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia Workout

You may have already seen glimpses of Jake Gyllenhaal preparing for his upcoming role in Prince of Persia, but I thought I’d jump the gun and write an article on his workout. Mind you he was always in shape but he has definitely put on a good amount of bulk for his role.

This is a simulated workout routine of Jake Gyllenhall including real Insider information from his trainer that will build serious muscle mass. Only attempt this workout if you are at an advanced level working out for at least 6 months continuously. If you’re not quite there then you can begin with lighter weights and lower reps until you feel confident with your form and ready to push to the next level.

Jake Gyllenhaal Workout Routine:

Do this routine once a week for 8 weeks and make sure to include 1-2 rest days a week. Attempt 3 sets of 10-12 reps or 4 sets 6-8 reps with heavy weights (first set is a warm-up set) if you want to match Jake’s level of muscle mass. To simulate sword fights Jake’s workout was heavily focused on using cables along with body-weight exercises.

Day 1:

Seated Cable Rows ( refer to photo here )
Cable Barbell Curls ( refer to photo here )
Pull Ups ( refer to photo here )
Cable Hammer Curls with Rope ( refer to photo here )
Cable Flyes ( refer to photo here )
Cable One Arm Triceps Extension ( refer to photo here )
Cable Crossover ( refer to photo here )
Cable Triceps Extension Low Cable ( refer to photo here )
Push Ups

Day 2/4: Cardio & Core

High Intensity Interval training for 30 minutes including 10min uphill sprint (elevation of 5.0 on treadmill).
Followed by…

Lower Abs Workout or the Abdominal Workout .

Day 3:

Bent Over Low-Pulley Lateral Extensions ( refer to photo here )
Barbell Lunges ( refer to photo here )
Hanstand Push Ups ( refer to photo here )
One Leg Barbell Squats ( refer to photo here )
Front Cable Raises ( refer to photo here )
Plie Dumbbell Squats ( refer to photo here )
Dumbbell Step Ups ( refer to photo here )

Day 6:
Repeat either Day 1 or Day 3

Recommended Supplements for Muscle Building like Jake:

Disclaimer: This workout routine is in no way associated or endorsed by Jake Gellenhaal. It is only a simulated routine that is developed to provide similar results.