Ashton Kutcher Workout

You’ve probably noticed Ashton Kutcher has been working out a lot and now he is featured in a movie called “Killers” where he plays a James Bond type of character kicking lots of ass.

He has been training hard for this role and not much has been revealed about his workouts and exercise plan but as a health coach and trainer I am going to devise you a pretty intense workout which has a bit of a twist.

The objective of this workout is to shed the excess fat you may have gained over the winter months and really get you toned up and beach-ready for this summer.

Let’s jump right in…

Ashton Kutcher Workout Routine

Because this is a toning up and defining workout we are going to go quick and steady with the aim of hitting 12 repetitions and 3 sets.

The twist with this workout is that instead of the usual cardio routine with a treadmill we are going to include swimming laps. Hopefully you have a swimming pool nearby, if not let’s keep the twist and include a cardio routine that involves jumping rope, more details ahead…

Monday Workout: Chest and Triceps
Bench Press
Cable Crossovers
Seated Triceps Press
Incline Bench Press
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension

Tuesday Workout: Cardio
10 laps Front Crawl
10 laps Breast Stroke
10 laps Back Crawl
10 laps Side Stroke
10 laps Back Stroke

We’ve got 50 laps here and the goal is to try and do them as continuous as possible, but obviously when you start with this routine you may find it a little challenging at first.

No swimming pool? Try a 30 minute session of jumping rope and doing as many variations as possible. Great idea to include double jumps and cross-overs with your arms to really get a wicked burn.

Wednesday Rest Day:

This is your rest day. Your goal here is to eat plenty of veggies/fruit and whey protein powder to help replenish your muscles. I’d recommend a lean whey protein powder which has less than 5grams of carbohydrates per serving such as:  Casein Protein Powder or BB 100% Whey Protein Powder.

Thursday Workout: Back & Biceps
Barbell Curls
Lat Pulldowns
Cable Hammer Curls
Chin Ups
Dumbbell Curls
One Arm Dumbbell Rows

Friday Workout: Shoulders & Legs
Seated Military Press
Barbell Squats
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Leg Press
Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise
Seated Leg Curls

Saturday Workout: Cardio
Repeat Tuesday’s Cardio Workout

Sunday: Rest Day

Another rest day here, this is a great day to have your cheat day where you relax a little with your diet. Really enjoy what you eat and don’t go overboard or you’ll kill your results.

Supplements to Get Lean like Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher Workout: Conclusion

This is a pretty intense workout and if you’re starting out you should build up to this by beginning with fewer exercises and more rest days. Once you’ve got on route with the entire plan expect to see some pretty quick results within 4-6 weeks. Remember diet is a key component to getting lean so focus on lots of whey protein powder and you may want to check out the numerous healthy men’s recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner in this article – Workout Plan for Men – Surprise Update.

Have any questions or feedback about the Ashton Kutcher workout routine? Please leave a comment below…

Disclaimer: This workout routine is in no way associated or endorsed by Ashton Kutcher. It is only a simulated routine that is developed to provide similar results.