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Arm Workouts – 3 Killer Workouts

No matter what season is approaching one of the sexiest body parts on both men and women is definitely toned arms. Something about the biceps or toned arms that really show through a t-shirt or sweater!

This article is strictly about 3 killer arm workouts which will get you those arms that you’ve always wanted and who knows, maybe they’ll also help you excel in any sport you take part in!

Remember when it comes to reps and sets there are two main categories you should aim to vary in your workout routine:

High reps with lighter weights is great for toning and bring out definition in those muscles. High reps range in the 12-14 area. In this category 3-4 sets is a great number to hit with little rest between sets, generally less than 60 seconds.

Lower reps with heavier weights is great for adding muscle size and strength. Lower reps range in the 6-10 area. In this category 2-3 sets is a great number to hit with a good rest between sets, generally about 60 seconds.

Ready for these workouts?

Killer Arm Workout 1:

Barbell Curls (view image)
Close Grip Bench Press (view image)
Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls (view image)
Triceps Rope Push Downs (view image)
Rope Cable Hammer Curls (view image)
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extensions (view image)

Killer Arm Workout 2:

Barbell Curls Lying Against Incline Bench (view image)
Bench Dips (view image)
Cable Curls (view image)
One Arm Triceps Extension (view image)
Lying Cable Curl (view image)
Dumbbell Skull Crushers (view image)

Killer Arm Workout 3:

Wide Grip Barbell Curls (view image)
EZ Bar Triceps Extension (view image)
Cross Body Hammer Curls (view image)
Reverse Grip Triceps Push Down (view image)
Preacher Curls (view image)
Triceps Press Seated (view image)

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Arm Workouts – Conclusion

Remember to watch your form and keep your abs tight when performing any of these exercises to get the most out of them. Keep adding variety to these workouts by changing their order, alternating focus on toning weeks and strength weeks and also having at least 2-3 days between these arm-specific workouts to give them enough time to recover.

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