sports and diet

Sports & Diet

There are many different sports around that benefit people who are in peak physical condition. It would actually be harder to name a sport that doesn’t do this.

But, is it possible to still perform at your highest level in your chosen sport while trying to lose weight and be very strict with your diet?

Some people don’t think they can, but it is possible with a little bit of planning.

The first thing to do is to prioritize your training. You need to identify the events or time periods where you will need maximum energy. For example, do you have a big tournament coming up? Do you have a particularly heavy portion of your season where you need to be at your best?

Then, identify your training times. These are the times you are going to focus on losing weight and improving your condition.

After you have identified these areas, plan on being on a diet the rest of the time. It would not be smart to run a caloric deficit at these times, but during your training, it is more forgiving.

It is also worth looking into something like carb or calorie cycling, which will also help speed up the process. The more you focus on macronutrient partitioning, the faster and more noticeable results you will get. If you have a high body fat level, you may not need this, but the leaner you get, the more specialized plan you will need.

You may be asking what macronutrient portioning means, well this would for instance be going through two days where you are resticting your carb intake, then following that with two days where you eat more carbohydrates than normal. This simple technique gives your body the opportunity to tweak its use of energy and most fitness competitors do this to also give their muscles some pretty fantastic size.

If you plan everything out and continually test and measure your progress, you can get amazing results with fat loss while still training for a sport. You will have to spend most of your time focusing on your diet and doing some creative planning, but it is definitely possible and you will be glad you did!