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Training for Volleyball – Sports Series

Many of the clients that I train ask me to help them incorporate a training plan which not only helps them get more fit but to also help them accelerate at a sport they love playing. So this is the premiere edition of the sports series and I hope it will help anyone who loves volleyball as much as I do.

Volleyball Training – Movements and Body Parts

Let’s dissect the movements and body parts that are involved in volleyball.

Jumping: in jumping for the ball we are using both our lower and upper body to get the momentum to leap into the air. We are using our quadriceps, hamstrings and most importantly our calves. We are also using lats and shoulders to swing up our arms.

Bumping: whenever we are bumping we are using our core muscles to stabilize our body and then our shoulders, biceps and forearms for the bump. [ad#ad-2]

Spiking: the shoulder muscles are key for hitting the ball along with the forearms to give your hand the snap it needs to get the ball over the net.

Setting: the shoulders and arms are key when setting the ball up, and there is also use of our core and quadriceps for the down movement of our bodies in a stabilized position.

Volleyball Training – Cardio Routine

Because ultimately volleyball requires great cardiovascular health for days when you are playing 60-90 minutes it is recommended that you get in some running/elliptical training. Personally I would recommend interval training (see interval training article) along with a routine that will improve your agility….

For instance if you can get some cones on a field and run between them very quickly and even try running backwards between the cones you will improve your eye-leg coordination drastically. As well as running side-ways on a field where you are crossing your feet between each step!

For your cardio you would need to aim for 2-3 times a week for 45-60 minutes. Try and add a lot of stop-and-go movements to simulate the actions in volleyball.

Volleyball Training – Strength Training Routine

Try this workout 2-3 times a week to improve the strength of the muscles you use in volleyball. Ultimately these will also help prevent common volleyball injuries as they will strengthen the tendons and bones involved with all the movements.

All exercises 4 sets with an initial warm-up set (use light weights). Aim for 12-14 reps.

Download Workout:
You can now download this work out here – Volleyball Training Workout Routine (right click and save as)

Jump Squats with dumbbells (view image)
Lunge with one foot on stability ball (view image)
Squats on Bosu Ball holding medicine ball (view image)
Medicine Ball Wood chopper (view image)
Shoulder raises with dumbbells (view image)
Shoulder presses with dumbbells (view image)
Seated Calf Raises (view image)
Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curls (view image)
Overhead Single Arm Tricep Extensions (view image)
Ab Roller (view image)

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What did you think of this workout routine? Want to suggest other sports you want specific workouts for? Please leave a comment below…