Flexibility Training Routine

Flexibility Training is the New Stretching

You know this already and you need to stop ignoring it right? When it comes to optimizing your weight loss and training the biggest missing part for most of us is flexibility training.

Flexibility training seems to get left in the dust but is one of the most important parts in allowing your muscles to relax, recover and grow while keeping your joints healthy.

The whole idea of stretching is pretty lame but if you think of it has training your flexibility perhaps it’ll get your blood pumping a little more. What you will get in this session are stretches which fully allow the connective tissue between muscles and your bones to expand and separate allowing your muscles to really strengthen in the most healthy way possible.

Does this grab your attention or do you still feel like stretching is a waste of time?

Well the fact of the matter is that you may be training hard and spending endless hours in the gym but not getting the results you think you should be getting. If that is the case then actually reducing your time lifting weights/doing cardio and spending it instead on flexibility may give you exactly that edge you’ve always wanted to get.

You see with stretching you are also getting better circulation and blood moving to your sore muscles allowing for the above mentioned growth and strength, but there is also one more benefit. Your muscle shape also improves and hence why the most modern fitness and bodybuilding athletes spend a considerable amount of time working on their flexibility as well.

Let’s get to the routine…

Flexibility Training Routine

It is always advisable to do your flexibility training when your muscles are warmed up. Stretching before workouts is old-school and is no longer recommended by kinesiologists or physiotherapists as it puts too much stress on muscles that aren’t warmed up and ready to be stretched.

Some studies have actually shown a reduction in strength when this is done so get in at least a 5 minute light-sweat warm up if you still find it it helps you increase your range of motion during exercise.

View images below for the correct placement and hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds at a time. Pick and choose depending on what areas you worked out that day:

Triceps flexibility (view image)
Triceps & Shoulder flexibility (view image)
Shoulder flexibility (view image)
Rotator flexibility (view image)
Neck flexibility (view image)
Chest flexibility (view image)
Quadriceps flexibility (view image)
Lower back flexibility (view image)
Hamstring & lower-back flexibility (view image)
Hamstring flexibility (view image)
Forearm flexibility (view image)

Now if you are finding that your muscles are still quite sore for days after your workouts then you will want to make sure your post workout nutrition is spot on aiming to have a good protein/carb ratio within an hour of your workouts. These supplements are also made specifically for helping with recovery:

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