Healthy Late Night Snacks

Healthy Late Night Snacks

If you’ve tried to diet in the past, you’ve probably had someone warn you about the risks of eating late at night.

But unless your only options are chips and ice cream, there’s really nothing wrong with snacking before bed. In fact, recent weight loss studies have shown no big difference at all. In some cases, it seems that eating a healthy late night snack can actually keep your metabolism boosted while you sleep, improving your overall fat burning potential.

So if you want to satisfy your late night cravings without sabotaging your diet, check out these healthy late night snacking options. These are my top 10 picks, and each one has at least one ingredient that will give your metabolism a boost and help you burn off some extra calories and fat!

10 Healthy Late Night Snacks (that won’t ruin your diet!)

1. Chocolate Protein Bar – Need a chocolate fix before bed? Then at least get some added protein and fiber while you’re at it. A low-fat, high protein bar like these Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars can be a satisfying late night option. The added bonus with these bars is that with 6 grams of fiber which will slow absorption and reduce the change that they will be stored as fat.

2. Carrots & Hummus – Hummus is a fantastic, healthy source of protein to support lean muscle growth while you sleep. The carrots will also give you an extra nutritional boost before bed. Substitute the carrots with celery or cucumber to change it up.

3. Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt is a fantastic snack for either weight loss or weight training. It’s extremely high in protein (higher than traditional yogurt), and the low-fat and fat-free options are still extremely satisfying. Top with some fresh blueberries or these Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds for some extra omega-3s!

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs – If you need something a little more filling, hard-boiled eggs are a great late night snacking option. With lots of healthy protein, your muscles will thank you for the added fuel!

5. Grapefruit – This is a great fat-free and light snack for satisfying those late night cravings. Instead of going for the ice cream, go for a grapefruit. Not only will you boost your metabolism, you’ll also support a healthy immune system!

6. Apple Slices with Almond Butter – Almond butter is a much healthier alternative to peanut butter, packed with protein and healthy fats to enhance your metabolism. The apple will also satisfy your sweet tooth! For the healthiest version of this snack, make it an organic apple with all-natural almond butter.

7. Cottage Cheese – This is a pretty versatile snacking option, and it can be really satisfying in small amounts. Go for the low fat option to avoid the extra fat, and enjoy with tomato slices or fruit, depending on your taste buds!

8. Nuts & Dried Fruit – Although nuts contain fat, they contain healthy fats that actually help your body burn fat and redistribute weight away from your midsection. Almonds and pistachios are some of your best options. Enjoy with some dried cranberries for something a little sweet.

9. Green Smoothie – If your focus at night is on vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients, then use Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Powder in a simple late night shake for a major nutritional boost. You’ll wake up feeling ready to take on your day!

10. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies – This one may be a little more indulgent, but by using whole wheat flour and adding extra protein, you can turn this indulgence into a fat-burning, muscle-building snack! Check out my recipe for Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies here!

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