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Compound Exercises – Better For Gaining Mass?

There is an ongoing argument over which is better for muscle gain – compound or isolation exercises.

While some people believe isolation exercises are the way to go, very few muscular people got the way they are without heavy compound exercises.

The key to success is using both in your workout!

Heavy compound exercises should be the bread and butter of any workout program. Squats, dead lifts and bench presses are the main exercises that put on a lot of muscle fast and quickly strain your body and muscles.  

There is no better way to put on lots of muscle and functional strength on your major muscle groups than heavy compound exercises. While it is important to get proper form down before you start lifting heavy, these exercises are usually the answer to mass gains.

But, isolation exercises also have their place. If you don’t have perfect form when doing your compound lifts, some of your muscle groups will not develop evenly, and some areas may need some extra work. This is where isolation exercises come in.

If you identify a lagging muscle or muscle group, you can do an exercise that targets that area specifically and allows it to catch up. Isolation exercises are also very helpful when you are rehabbing an injury, so you can get a good workout on a specifically targeted muscle group without straining the rest of your body!

To achieve your goals, it is a good idea to implement both compound and isolation exercises into your workout routine. You can use heavy compound exercises like bench presses, squats and dead lifts to put on mass, then use isolation exercises to build in areas that are lagging.

That one two punch will allow you to achieve your physique related goals in no time!