Best Pre Workout Foods

Fueling Up To Get Energized

To get the most out of every workout, you need to fuel up before you start. Today I’m reviewing some of the best pre workout foods to get you feeling energized and motivated.

Generally speaking, you want to aim for fueling up around an hour before your workout, but no closer than 30 minutes. It’s important to give your stomach a little time to digest and settle.

There are a few things you want to look for in your pre workout foods:

  • Energy – First and foremost, you want your pre workout meal or snack to be packed full of energy. This means choosing foods that are high in vitamins and minerals like potassium, as well as healthy carbohydrates.
  • Protein – Whether your workout goals are focused on building muscle or burning fat, protein is the next most important ingredient in your pre-workout fuel. The protein will help improve muscle stamina and recovery.
  • Metabolism Booster – For most of us, getting toned and burning fat is another big workout goal, so it’s a good idea to go for pre workout foods that contain metabolism-boosting ingredients like caffeine, fiber, and healthy fats.

Here are some of the best options to go with…

5 of the Best Pre Workout Foods to Fuel Up


Without a doubt, bananas are my go-to pre workout snack. When I’m in a rush or on the go, bananas are the most convenient way to fuel up. Not only do they pack a ton of energy, with high levels of potassium, but they also effectively sustain energy throughout your workout.

To get your protein in as well, enjoy a banana as part of a healthy protein shake, like the ones I offer below. In fact, when it comes to pre workout shakes, I consider bananas an essential ingredient.


Oats are my other easy, go-to pre workout food. They’re especially good before a workout because they offer a more continuous release of energy, keeping your blood glucose levels stable and sustaining your workout stamina.

I recommend enjoying oats blended into a smoothie or in your own homemade oatmeal. Just add a little cinnamon and brown sugar with some plain cooked quick oats.

Whole Grain Toast with Almond Butter

Whole grain toast is another great way to sustain energy through a workout, with lots of fiber and healthy carbs. Adding the almond butter will double up on the protein in this pre workout snack, which is a much healthier alternative to peanut butter.

Protein Smoothie

When done from scratch, protein smoothies are another great pre workout food, and offer more of a complete meal than the above options. Use a healthy dairy alternative like almond, coconut, or hemp milk, and make sure you include a healthy protein supplement like Optimum 100% Natural Whey.

Check out my Best Pre Workout Shake here, or try one of these Protein Smoothie Top 5 Recipes.

Protein Bars

You need to be careful with protein bars, but when you choose wisely, they can be a totally effective pre workout snack. And they’re especially convenient when you’re in a hurry or heading to the gym straight from work.

One of the best options out there is these new Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars. Not only are they the healthier option, but they also taste amazing!

To really take things to the next level, get serious with one of these Best Pre Workout Supplements here!

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