8 Tricks to Make Weight Training More Effective

Spicing Things Up

Lack of motivation is often a result of getting bored in the gym so every once in a while we need to spice things up with your weight training routine.

Whether your end goal is to lose a few inches around your midsection and thighs or just tone up and get more lean, staying focused on your end result and having the motivation to do so separates those who succeed from those who don’t.

As a personal trainer, I have to get creative from time to time with my clients. No matter your frustrations or challenges, there’s a strategy out there to help you get it right.

Here are some of my best strategies for a more effective weight training routine…

8 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Weight Training Routine

Confuse Your Muscles

One of the easiest ways to get more out of your workout is to mix things up and confuse your muscles. This can involve simply varying weight or number of reps and sets, or getting more creative with super sets and drop sets. For some great (and easy) muscle confusion techniques, see my article here: What is Muscle Confusion?

Get Creative with Your Counting

It’s important to count your reps and track your progress. But something as simple as changing the way you count can totally improve your focus and concentration. For example, try counting in another language. It’s not enough to throw you off your game, but it can keep you more focused on your reps and the pace of your workout.

Keep a Fitness Journal

No matter what anyone tells you, a fitness journal can be one of the most essential pieces of workout equipment you own. Tracking your progress in a clear and detailed way will help you stay on track, keep you motivated, and ensure you’re constantly progressing. You can download my free Workout Journal PDF for this or grab a nice journal like this one – Fitlosophy Fitbook.

Get Some Gloves

Workout gloves can significantly improve your workout and help you push things to the next level. With a tighter and safer grip, you’ll have the confidence to lift heavier and try new exercises.

Use Your Body

Bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups are a great way to get a more effective weight training workout. First, they engage more muscle groups, which is an easy way to see faster toning results. Second, they engage your body in more natural movements, so you may actually find yourself better at these kinds of exercises than others. They also tend to be more satisfying. Squats, lunges, burpees, and various abdominal exercises are all examples of bodyweight exercises.

Block Out Distractions

Listening to music while you’re working out can definitely be a big source of motivation, but more importantly, it can help keep distractions to a minimum at the gym. Maintaining your focus and concentration is vital if you want to have an effective workout.

Get Some Expert Advice

You don’t necessarily need to get a trainer to get real help and advice at the gym. Most gyms at least offer help with using equipment. Next time you’re in, get someone to check your form and make sure you’re working out in the most effective way possible.

Have Post Workout Shake

Having a nutritious protein shake after your workout can totally boost the effectiveness of your workout and improve your results. Check out your options here: Best Post Workout Protein

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