how to fight fatigue

How to Fight Fatigue

Energy and fatigue play a role in all aspects of health and wellness, from maintaining a healthy weight to dealing with the impact of stress.

If you’re feeling tired either on a regular basis, hitting a 3pm slump or can’t seem to feel energized in the morning, then you need to keep reading. There are a number of simple and easy solutions out there for fighting fatigue and regaining control of your health and happiness.

Let’s take a look at how to fight fatigue and improve your energy…

How to Fight Fatigue – Improve Your Sleep

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is by the far the biggest factor in your overall energy for the day.

In order to get things back on track and wake up feeling refreshed, you should be getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night. But in addition to quantity, you also need to think about quality. If you’re waking up frequently in the night, your energy’s going to be lacking in the morning and we all know how that can get in the way of our productivity throughout the day.

Some easy tips for improving sleep include turning off the TV early, removing light sources from your bedroom, making a to-do list for the next day, and eating foods that will help you fall asleep faster. Some great sleep-promoting foods include bananas, turkey, cherries, and light complex carbohydrates like all-natural popcorn or even a natural sleep aid like Natrol Melatonin. These are all easy solutions for fighting fatigue and waking up feeling energized.

How to Fight Fatigue – Energize Your Day

Now that you have your sleep back on track, it’s time to energize your day. There are two major factors in your daily energy potential: the food you eat and the amount of exercise you engage in.

When it comes to food, aim for balanced meals consisting of natural, whole food ingredients. Getting balanced meals consisting of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats will ensure that your body has everything it needs to maintain normal functioning – including energy production.

A whole foods diet is important for avoiding things that will actually make you feel more fatigued. Foods high in sugar and simple carbs will cause your blood glucose levels to rise and fall in very short periods of time, making you feel completely drained within an hour or so of eating. This is true for white breads and grains as well, so make sure you always go for whole grain options.

I also recommend eating more frequently throughout the day in order to sustain your energy. Snacks high in protein and fiber are your best options, as these take longer to digest and improve your ability to fight fatigue. This is particularly important if you are one to crash around 2 or 3pm.  Instead of a large lunch break it out and have something as simple as a mid-afternoon protein shake using the timed-release Optimum 100% Casein Protein to keep your energy levels high.

Last but not least, you need to plan your exercise and workout routines in a way that fights fatigue and boosts your energy. I recommend engaging in at least 10-15 minutes of exercise within an hour of waking up. This will give your mind and body a good boost for the day.

If you don’t have time for a full workout in the morning, then save it for early or late afternoon. This is the time when most people are feeling tired and fatigued. Exercising at this time is a good way to recover from your daily stress and re-energize. Weight training is particularly useful later in the day when your muscles are all warm.

By addressing these 3 factors – sleep, diet, and exercise – you can totally maximize your daily energy potential and fight fatigue once and for all.

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