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Diet Tips: What Are The Biggest Issues Dieters Face?

Dieting is a psychological battle. There are many issues long term dieters face, but the following two seem to be the most prevalent and cause the most damage…

Binge Eating

If you have ever been on a diet, there is a very high chance you have gone on a binge. Usually, binges occur when you eat something you shouldn’t have, then you think to yourself “Well, I already ate this, so I might as well eat some more and go back to my diet tomorrow.”

The problem with this is you end up stuffing yourself with as much junk food as you can, and reverse some of the progress you worked so hard for.

There are two easy way to prevent this from happening.

1)   If you feel like cheating, plan to do it tomorrow! No, really…if you feel like eating a pint of ice cream, plan on doing it the next day. More often than not the next day, after a night of sleep, you will not want to break your diet.

2)   If you absolutely must cheat, do it right before you go to sleep. I know, some of you may be thinking it will instantly turn into fat if you eat right before you go to bed (Myth!). But if you instantly go to sleep after you cheat, you will prevent yourself from continuing to binge, and when you wake up, you will be ready to continue with your diet!

Not getting enough variety

Too many people don’t get enough variety in their diets. Now, if you have incredible determination, eating the same things every day is not really an issue. But, if you get bored of the same foods quickly, instead of incorporating new foods in your diet, you end up going off your diet. To combat this, make sure you build in some variety into your diet when you originally plan it, and continually add new foods that fit your macronutrient breakdown when you get tired of what you are eating.

If you control your binges and get enough variety in your diet, the results will come faster than you think, and compliance will be easy!

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