Best of the Best Fitness Blogs 2017

Stay up to date on the latest fitness trends, studies and motivation tools with these “Best of the Best” fitness blogs. Get ready for your best year yet in 2017!

If you follow my blog you know that I want you to get fit, stay fit and get in even better shape. In an effort to help you beyond the great information I share with you, here is a list of my favourite 29 fitness blogs (besides Weight Loss & Training!) I think you should follow in 2017:


1. Born Fitness

Born Fitness is full of health information, motivation and recipes to help you get and stay fit. With interesting articles like the recently posted FLAWED: The Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen Diet Plan, you can get Adam Bornstein’s input in regular blog post dosages.


2. Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel went from a 14-year-old on the brink of suicide with poor health to turning it all around. As someone who has been there and “gets it,” his mission is to “to engage and challenge people in living healthy, more active lifestyles.”


3. Sock Doc

Sad to say, but injuries happen. They totally suck when they do, but it’s a fact of working out and getting fit. Sock Doc is a great resource for athletes who are looking to learn more about holistic and natural ways to treat injuries as well as prevent them.


4. Daily Burn

Are you bored with your current workout regime? Do you think you are going to scream if you spend one more minute on the elliptical or treadmill? Daily Burn gives you suggestions for different workouts you can fit into your schedule, and they aren’t always traditional, like The Louis van Amstel Dance Workout You Need in Your Life. And did I mention that they give a new suggestion EVERY day?


5. Girls Gone Strong

Author of an AMAZING post that went viral on New Year’s Day, Molly encourages you to forget that “women are the weaker sex” crap. Girls Gone Strong is all about empowering women through fitness and exercise. Great tips here for those who want to tone their bodies or go the extra mile for all out strength training.


6. Lift Like A Girl

Diet Problems Quote from Nia Shanks

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While I’m on the women’s health kick, you should also check out Nia Shanks’ website, Lift Like a Girl. Nia’s mission is to make you into a “Beautiful Badass” and she does just that. Her site is your first stop if you want to “learn more about strength training and nutrition to build a better body a no-nonsense, BS-free way.”


7. Nerd Fitness

Star Wars at Nerd Fitness

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Are you a nerd who is scared to hit the gym for fear of an atomic wedgie? Don’t be! Steve at Nerd Fitness gives tips and tricks to help “desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.” Check out his motivational blog with topics like How Star Wars Made Me a Better Person.


8. Remodel Fitness

I love Jessi’s style because frankly any woman who is into physical fitness AND loves scotch on the rocks is awesome in my book! This is another website dedicated to empowering women and giving them “the confidence to make Kanye humble.” Bold statement but Jessi has the butt-kicking attitude to get it done.

9. Roman Fitness Systems

The Roman Fitness Systems blog is run by the company’s founder, John Romaniello. Whether you’re trying to lose fat or bulk up your body with muscle, John has tips to help push you to your limits (in a good way). Check out his recent post, Learning the Ropes: 6 Badass Conditioning Workouts You Need to Try.


10. Neghar Fonooni

(image from

(image from

Neghar Fonooni is proof you can kick butt in the gym and still have a great sense of humor. Just check out her recent blog posting on Sucky Things for proof of that. Neghar says she is reaching out “to empower women through strength” and she does just that.


11. Breaking Muscle

What I love about Breaking Muscle is their philosophy they’re not in the business to tear down any entity or ideology. A lot of fitness sites want to preach that THEIR system is the ONLY system. Breaking Muscle is all about giving you the information and letting you find your own path to fitness.


12. Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is an expert at his game, no questions asked. He’s currently living in Boston training some of the top athletes in the country and writing for major health magazines. You can get his tips and posts like The Pros and Cons of Percentage Based Training.


13. Tabata Times

Unlike a lot of sites, Tabata Times is not just one person’s opinion. They have a series of columnists writing about all kinds of sports and fitness topics. So if you’re serious about your weightlifting, or if you need a motivational story like No Limits: Meet a Crossfit Amputee, then check them out.


14. Run To The Finish

(image from

(image from

What makes Amanda Brooks website stand out is: (1) She emphasizes running over everything else; and (2) She talks a lot about the difference between dieting (Boo!) and clean eating (Yeah!). She’s been featured in the top running magazines and she is a go-to expert in her field.


15. Ross Training

Ross, of Ross Training, has a philosophy that a lot of fitness “experts” need to hear. He believes “each athlete deserves to be evaluated as a unique individual.” He believes the training plan needs to be unique for each person, based on their needs instead of this cookie-cutter crap that “one size fits all” in the gym. Can’t say enough good things about this great blog.


16. Dr John Rusin

Dr. John (not the famous piano player) brings some science to the gym. He has advanced degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy and he’s the man you want to listen to when it comes to how to exercise without getting hurt. (Because, let’s face it, no one wants to tear an ACL or rotator cuff and end up sidelined and not able to keep the body you’ve earned.)


17. Brandon Richey Fitness

Brandon Richey has found his niche and stuck with it, and the man has an awesome physique. If you like powerlifting and especially working with the big kettlebells, Brandon’s your best source. He has great posts about range of motion and inhibiting movement is a crime and his philosophy, “Strength Is About…Not Adopting a Victim Mindset” is one I can definitely get behind.


18. End of Three Fitness

There’s one thing that really made End of Three Fitness stand out for me. It’s got awesome tips for those looking to get fit and for those who need some extra motivation. But it’s also got DIY suggestions for how to set up your own gym in your garage. So if you’re looking to get healthy and you’re a handy person, head over to this blog.


19. Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst Athletics is known as “the world’s largest source of educational material for Olympic weightlifting.” If you’re looking for some tips for the competitive side of things, they have info on everything from snatch and clean tips to competition warm-up room etiquette. And even if you don’t want to lift competitively, they also have outstanding general fitness tips as well.


20. Prevention RD

Nicole at Prevention RD has a busy schedule from working at a hospital to being a wife, a cook, and a blogger. But she has some of the most mouth-watering recipes that will also help you get in shape. I dare you to check out the Sweet Onion Risotto With Sautéed Kale and not want to try it for yourself!


21. Workout Mommy

(image from

(image from

If you’re a mom (and hats off to you if you are), then you already know that your life revolves around someone else’s needs 24/7. And Workout Mommy realizes that. The site has an awesome feature – Get Inspired by These Fit Moms! – to help motivate you with real life success stories of women who could juggle kids and a fitness regime.


22. Pumps and Iron

Now this one is definitely a little special. Pumps and Iron is all about blending blogger Nicole’s two passions: fitness and fashion. Running, fitness, recipes, and fashion? It may seem like a strange mix, but somehow, it works.


23. Furthermore: Movement by Equinox

Furthermore has a massive list of top-notch contributors that give you everything from workout videos and training ideas to tips on some underappreciated fitness styles like yoga and pilates. (Hey, it can’t all be about bench pressing!) Their emphasis is on presenting fitness in “an elevated way” and they do take it up a few notches on that. I’ve got to give a special thumbs-up to them for having their own section on recovery and regeneration because sometimes healthy sleep is missing in our regimens.



POPSUGAR is like the Huffington Post for popular culture. But just because they don’t focus ONLY on health and fitness doesn’t mean they don’t have some great, quality stuff. They have health and diet tips including stuff like how to get protein into your breakfast with 10 Healthy Breakfasts With (at Least!) 15 Grams of Protein. And when you’re done, you can swing over to their music section and get some ideas for your next workout playlist.


25. Ace Fitness

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(image from

I have to hand it to them, the folks over at ACE have a tough goal, to end the obesity epidemic by 2035. But if you check out their blog, you’re going to see that their quality workout suggestions and health tips have science front and center. If we can get more people to read these and act on them, we may kick obesity’s butt in 30 years!


26. Greatist

These guys have one thing in common with me: they’re ballsy and they aren’t afraid of telling you the truth. I realized this site rocked when I saw their pledge of “No false promises, no bullshit. We’re all about doable change.” If you’re into kickboxing, you must check out their High-Energy Cardio Kickboxing Workout You Can Do At Home.


27. Fitness.Gov

Just ’cause it’s the government doesn’t mean they don’t have some good ideas. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition has been providing information to the masses for years about how to get healthy. Now, all that expertise is put into one handy website to help you reach your fullest potential.


28. Shape

(image from

(image from

If you’re a woman looking to get healthy, chances are you’ve probably picked up a copy of Shape magazine. Well, their website is chock full of the same great advice, like The Treadmill Workout for Non-Runners.


29. Men’s Health

And for the guys, here’s the website for the popular Men’s Health magazine. It’s got a little bit of everything here: workouts, nutrition, and even a section on sex tips so you can have a healthy body and a healthy love life.


So there they are, 29 of the best fitness blogs to follow in 2017.  What do you think, were there any I missed that you absolutely never miss a post?  Or are any of these going to become your new weekly go-to (besides Weight Loss & Training that is! 😉 )?  Let me know in the comments below or over at our Facebook Page!