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Food Timing For Weight Loss

It is quite common for many of you to get caught up in eating the right foods at the right time and it is a very common misconception that this is what you need to be focused on for successful weight loss.

Not only is this not true, it could actually be detrimental to your progress!

Some say 5 meals a day, some say 6 meals a day is the key to weight loss. How do you know what to eat and when to eat it. Perhaps this psychology is the wrong thinking, but instead listening to your body and following a rough schedule to keep your energy levels high is what you should really start to think about.

Everyone knows that eating more frequent meals will help you feel lighter and help boost your metabolism. But if you are on a lower calorie diet, eating tiny meals 6 times per day can possibly lead you to being crazy because your brain and body are not getting the nutrients they need.

Try shifting this focus to eating well all the time by having lots of healthy things to eat in your house and eliminating the bad processed stuff. This principal can even be put in place before you go to bed.

This reason for this is because your body doesn’t stop processing calories when you sleep, and you still need food to power your body at night. While eating a very large meal right before bed may cause some problems in terms of getting a good night sleep, as long as you are still under your caloric goals for the day, it can still be beneficial to your muscles and hormone production (aka endrocrine system).

If your main goal is weight loss, the timing of when you eat your food is not all that important, and the 6 meals a day plan an definitely cause a lot of stress.

As long as you have your diet planned out and are tracking what you eat, it doesn’t really matter when you eat your food. If you are in a calorie deficit, you will have weight loss especially if you are eating the most nutritious of foods including a lot of veggies and fruit.

Take a few minutes and start creating a list of all the bad things you can replace with healthy fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and even extra lean meats. Now next time you are in the grocery store make sure to keep to this list and allow yourself one cheat snack so you still have some freedom in really enjoying what you eat.

Conclusion: Food Timing For Weight Loss

If you follow this advice you are going to be well on your way to healthy weight loss and a very positive change in your weight.

Some of my favorite healthy snacks include fruit salads, smoothies with whey protein powder, and roasted almonds with cayenne, black pepper and some seasoning salt. What are your favorite healthy foods?