increase my metabolism

Increase My Metabolism

Now let’s get on to today’s lesson where we multiply your body’s ability to naturally increase its metabolism, and doing this without the use of harmful chemicals found in many diet pills today.

Again, I’m going to take you back to your morning routine. I hope I have your attention because this one tip could simply be the one tip which yields some pretty incredible results. In fact, if you stick to it, I guarantee that this is far more powerful than any diet pill in the market today!

Did you guess it?

It’s a 15minute jog, or 30 minute brisk walk first thing in the morning. Wake up, drink one or hopefully two glasses of water and get out there and do this every day before work. You want to have a walk/jog pace so that you are at least breaking a sweat. If you have knee or joint problems try and get on a grass field or at least invest in really great running shoes which have a lot of padding. These days, that shouldn’t be hard to find! (If you do have joint pain, you may want to read my article on Glucosamine so you can increase your body’s natural ability to lubricate your joints better –

So are you ready to hear all the great benefits of doing this jog/walk in the morning? What if I told you that the benefits actually stack upon each other to create a multiplied effect?

Enough build-up, let’s get into it.

The first thing that is happening is that this activity in the morning is jump starting your metabolism. Your body has been in a vegetative state all night, and after 8 hours you should be well rested. If you’re not, you need to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier to give yourself time to do this (read my article on how to wake up early).

Jump starting your metabolism with the walk/jog, means that your body is not only burning calories while you are doing this activity, but it has also been proven to remain burning calories at an accelerated pace after you stop the jog!

How cool is that? You spent some energy doing the walk/jog and your body is still burning extra calories once you get home and jump in the shower (drink at least another large glass of water while you’re getting ready for extra bonus points).

And the benefits continue, especially if you don’t have a huge appetite in the mornings. This activity will leave you hungry and because you began your day with such a healthy start, psychologically and physiologically, your body is also going to crave more natural foods/fruits for your breakfast. (I must confess, my favourite is organic butter and honey on a couple slices of flaxseed toast with a glass of skim milk, yum!).

But you know what? The benefits don’t stop there! This morning process of lots of water, a brief amount of exercise followed by a healthy breakfast means you are now ready to start your day and you will find you have more energy throughout the day. That’s right, MORE energy! And with more energy you will have more focus on your work and be more productive throughout your day. So go with this energy and use it to your advantage to get home on time so you have more hours at night to get to sleep. You should also find you are thirstier throughout the day so keep drinking water (remember last days lesson on the benefits of water!).

To summarize, here are the steps in point form:

  1. Wake up early and have 1-2 glasses of water
  2. Go for a 15 minute jog or a 30 minute brisk walk
  3. Have another tall glass of water while you are getting ready
  4. Have a healthy natural breakfast (read healthy breakfast ideas)

Make this a 5 day challenge for yourself and please do let us know the results below. If you do I promise to keep bringing you more strategies and tips to multiply your efforts and get you in the best shape of your life!