How to Deal with Workout Boredom & Increase Muscle Tone Today

How to Deal with Workout Boredom

If you’re training 4-5 times a week and doing the same routine for months on end, then boredom to your workout routine is inevitable. The problem with boredom is further multiplied because it also sets a physical plateau where you stop seeing results from your workouts.

I recently talked about how to know when to increase your intensity in my article Faster Results with Higher Intensity but is there more than just changing your intenisty or workout all together?

Let’s do a refresher on how to deal with boredom and get you to increase your muscle tone right away…

Bust Boredom & Increase Muscle Tone

Do you agree that you need to bust out of your comfort shell and make things more interesting? The truth is that those most successful with their workout routines are those that realize progress only happens when you challenge yourself with a whole smorgasbord of different exercises.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty you may have all the best intentions at the end of week to make next week the week where things turn around but life gets in the way and your motivation is interrupted and often diminished with time management.  Make sure you always have the motivation you need with an energy boosting pre-workout complex like Essential Amino Energy or MusleTech Nano Vapor.  There simply no way you won’t have the motivation to workout after planning one of these about 30 mins to an hour before your workout.

Ok, now it’s time to shake it up!

When was the last time you took a class? Hopefully your gym offers different classes like kickboxing, ab training, core training, or any other variation, but even if it doesn’t I’m sure your local recreation center has something out of the ordinary and inexpensive for you to try at least once!

Truth be told, that most like me are a bit apprehensive in trying these kind of classes, but I had an interesting revelation one day. I watched one of the classes for just a few minutes and then prepared myself to get into the mindset of the challenge of a new adventure. In fact, recently I tried Pilates for the first time and had to laugh the next day because my abs and core were so sore!

In these situations you have to make fun of yourself and just go with the flow. Don’t take things so seriously when it comes to working out, or you are going to dread it eventually and that’s not a path you want to keep taking. Look for the positive and a little silliness won’t hurt anyone!

When you see this positivity you will also begin to see better muscle tone and definition without even realizing how much effort you put into it. Aerobic classes like bootcamps are great for shedding the extra fat, and anytime you begin to struggle just try and laugh at how that exercise is challenging you so much, you thought you were a tough one didn’t you?

Conclusion: How to Deal with Workout Boredom & Increase Muscle Tone Today

Rule to follow? Try adding in a different class or trying a new sport, or even hiking a new path once a month. The joy that this will bring you will not only be in your physical state but will also spill into your mental and emotional state. Your appreciation in challenges is what will give you results beyond your expectations. Of course, these variations in your exercises are only half the battle so tomorrow I will follow-up this article with how to add some fun into your diet plan. This is good….

How have you or will you add fun to your workout plan? Please leave a comment below so we can all think of new exercises to try!