10 Ways to Torch Fat Fast

10 Ways to Torch Fat Fast

Remember that last bowl of cereal/ice cream you had last night?  Well we’re all in this constant battle to reduce that unwanted belly fat but sometimes our temptations get the best of us.

Fear not! With this list you will be able to torch fat fast, and keep it off, all it takes is the right approach and you’re all set…

1. Replace the Magazine with Music – First off, cardiovascular exercise is definitely an important factor in losing fat. But to really do cardio right, you’ve got to get intense. That means no more reading magazines while you’re on the elliptical. For real results, focus your attention on the exercise itself, and use some music to keep you moving.

2. Stop Standing Around – If you’re weight training at the gym, you’re already doing something right in terms of fat loss. One of the biggest mistakes I see, however, is people spending too much time standing around at the gym, either resting or waiting for equipment. To really burn fat fast, you’ve got to keep moving! If a machine isn’t available, move on to something else.

3. Protein Up – Protein is really fundamental to any fitness goal, including fat loss. What protein does is supply your lean muscle mass with the building blocks it needs to grow, and more lean muscle mass means a boosted metabolism even when at rest. Try starting your day with one of my amazing smoothie recipes from my Free 50 Smoothies eBook  and burn more fat all day long!

4. Fight Cravings with Green Tea – Next time you’re overcome with a craving, try drinking green tea instead. Not only does it suppress your appetite and get rid of the cravings, it also boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories and fat. You can also try a natural green tea supplement like Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, it’s pretty great at keeping your carvings at bay and at the same time boosting your metabolism.

5. Focus on Weights – Although cardio is a great way to burn fat, weight training is even better. It conditions and builds lean muscle mass, which has a direct impact on your ability to burn off fat, even when you’re not exercising. So make sure weight training is an important part of your workout routine.

6. Get Your Carbs Straight – Carbohydrates are an ongoing issue when it comes to weight loss, but not all carbs are bad. If you want to lose fat and tone up fast, I recommend reducing your carbohydrate intake to 3-4 servings a day, and making sure you only eat whole grain, lightly processed options.

7. Snack Smart – Snacking between meals can actually help you burn more fat by keeping your metabolism boosted, but only if you get your snacks right. This means going for snacks that are high in protein, high in vitamins and minerals, and low in fats and processed carbs. Like to snack before bed? Veggies and hummus, or peanut butter and fruit are good options, just make sure you stay away from Worst Things to Eat at Night.

8. Split Your Training – No matter your approach, a great strategy for seriously boosting your metabolism and torching fat fast is to split your training. Rather than doing total body workouts, focus each gym visit on a particular body part. This will drastically improve your training results. You can also split your cardio and weight training into two workouts a day to really maximize your success.

9. Eat the Right Kinds of Fats – When it comes to burning fat and losing weight, it’s all about eating the right kinds of fats. Saturated and trans fats are still your enemy, but unsaturated fats like omega-3 fatty acids have actually been shown to improve your fat-burning potential.

10. Try a Natural Fat Loss Supplement – Not all fat loss supplements come with harmful side effects. In fact, many are naturally derived and totally safe – and effective. Adding one of these supplements to your diet plan can totally enhance your ability to torch body fat fast. Many people have had great results from CLA, see the reviews –  Keto Lean Gels.

Have any questions or feedback about these 10 Ways to Torch Fat Fast? Please leave a comment below…