Get Better, Faster, Stronger

How to Get Better, Faster, Stronger

I offer a lot of health and fitness tips on this website, from losing weight to burning fat and building muscle. But for some of you, your goals may be a little more specific. This is especially true when you’ve surpassed your previous fitness goals and want to make general improvements in strength, agility, and endurance.

So if you want to get better, faster, and stronger, listen up! I’m offering my best tips for improving overall fitness, no matter where you’re at in your goals.

Get Better, Faster, and Stronger with these 10 Tips…

1. Think about Sleep – Sleep has a bigger influence on your energy, strength, and recovery than you may think. If you’re currently having problems sleeping, take the time to figure out why. It may be something as simple as making a to-do list before bed. Get your sleep back on track, and feel better for it.

2. Power Up with Protein – Protein is the absolute best nutrient for supporting strength and overall fitness, the rich amino acid profile of protein helps your muscles recover and grow and no other nutrient comes close. Start your day with a protein shake or power up just before your afternoon workout. Check out my list of Best Protein Supplements here.

3. Try HIIT –  HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is probably the best fitness strategy you can add to your current workout program. HIIT uses high intensity intervals to challenge you in a major way, improving you speed, strength, and power.

4. HIIT Up Your Cardio – HIIT can also be applied to your cardio workout, and one of the best types of interval training for cardio is Tabata Interval Training. If you’re bored with your cardio routine, Tabata will completely transform your experience and get you seeing amazing results.

5. Supplement with Amino Acids – Amino acids are some of the best supplements you can take if your goal is to improve muscle mass, strength, and power. They’re scientifically supported to improve muscle gains and recovery. Wihtout a doubt my favorite amino acid supplement is Scivation Xtend and their watermelon flavour is ridiculous when you mix it up with crushed ice and water.

6. Eat Clean – A clean diet is one that’s low in fat and sugar and pretty much free of processed foods. Eating clean is an easy way to improve your overall health and fitness, as highly processed and fatty foods can really slow you down and contribute to feelings of fatigue. If you want to brush up on clean eating check out my Clean Eating Grocery list.

7. Hydrate Frequently – Proper hydration is necessary to maintain a healthy, balanced body. It’s the best natural detox you can find, and staying hydrated during any kind of workout or fitness routine will keep you energized.

8. Try a Pre-Workout Energy Supplement – I’ve seen a lot of success with advanced pre-workout elixir’s. They’re an easy way to improve your overall power and strength and see better fitness results extremely quickly. And they’re not all bad. In fact, many are naturally derived and grounded in science. Take a look at my list of Best Pre Workout Supplements here.

9. Add an Extra Day to Your Routine – No matter where you’re at, you can exceed your goals by hitting the gym or the track one extra day each week. You can adopt all the tips and tricks you want, but when it comes down to it, the best way to improve your overall fitness is to simply work harder. So get to the gym, and get better.

10. Learn How to Rest – Although getting to the gym is important, adequate rest and recovery also play a big role in results. If you exhaust your body and your muscles without allowing them to repair and heal properly, you’re going to impede your progress. In the worst case scenario, you’ll end up with a serious injury or strain. Make sure you’re allowing each muscle group to recover for 48 hours between workouts.

These are the 10 best tips to take your fitness level up a few notches but you got to stick to it and not give up.  A way to help you manage all this is to stick to it at least 5-6 days of the week and relax on your off days and just enjoy what you eat even if it does include a few guilty pleasures.  This will help you take it a day at a time and make this a sustainable plan.

Start today and to keep this as a reminder add a link to this article in your calendar so it alerts you to coming back at least once a week and perhaps on a Thursday or Friday when you are most likely to falter.  It’s amazing what a simple easy tip like this can do in overcoming the results which have been running away from you.

If you’re up for this challenge then leave a comment below and make your pledge to getting  Better, Faster, Stronger! Simply writing up a quick comment will plant a seed and trigger a psychological signal over the coming weeks.