abs fat burning tip

Abs Fat Burning Tip

We all want them, 6 pack abs that not only give us a smoking hot body but also give us the foundational core strength that makes our workouts 200% more efficient and powerful.

Well thousands of neck-breaking crunches later you may realize that it takes a lot more than just sit ups to have a tightly carved midsection. The other component which may be even more important is diet.

That is why as a personal trainer and health coach I love it when I come across studies about foods that can help us burn through extra calories by revving up our metabolism.

Really, just by eating something this happens? Ok, you got to know what food this study was on right?

Abs Fat Burning Food

This is pretty cool because you may have heard that hot foods can rev up your metabolism but is it really that simple? Well when two completely indepenedt studies, one by the Koreans and one by the Dutch both agree that chili peppers have a compound by the name of capsaicin which encourages thermogenesis then you know that they must be onto something.

Thermogenesis occurs in our bodies as a heat response from the foods we eat and it can definitely help burn calories. The only catch is that you will get the greatest thermogenic effect if you eat chili-based foods on a daily basis for at least a few weeks to really see the benefit.

Generally the rule of thumb is that the hotter the pepper the greater the amount of capsaicin and thus why those hot little red chili devils cause the greatest thermogenic response in our bodies.

I like spicy foods but chili peppers are on a completely different level of spice. Luckily scientists have been on to this and have extracted this compound and placed it into capsules so we can just swallow it and not burn through a thousand taste buds in the process.

To take it further I did a little investigation and found a few supplements which are getting some pretty great reviews actually have capsaicin as one of their main ingredients. If you want to try it out check these out:

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