healthy eating made fun and sexy

Healthy Eating Made Fun & Sexy

This article has one point, to bring to perspective how healthy eating can not only be fun but sexy too. In fact, there are a number of pretty healthy foods that go back centuries as being labeled aphrodisiacs.

Let’s look at some of these foods and also throw in some fun ideas. So many of you come to me through this web site asking about how to lose weight quickly and there is a lot of tension around the topic because of the pressures you have put on yourself….

But maybe you’re missing the point? If you can’t have fun with healthy eating and exercising your success will really be limited (I also pointed this out in yesterday’s article so make sure you give that a quick read, How to Deal with Workout Boredom & Increase Muscle Tone Today).

Sexy Foods

I did a bit of research online and found this list of healthy foods to be noted as aphrodisiacs

  • Honey – full of mind blowing nutrients which help with sex hormones
  • Oysters – high zinc content linked with increasing libido
  • Garlic – full of a chemical known as allicin, garlic helps increase blood flow
  • Figs – for the female pleasure center – one of Cleopatra’s favorite fruits
  • Dark Chocolate – for the feel good chemicals they release
  • Basil – for the fantastic aroma
  • Bananas – full of B vitamins, potassium, and magnesium which is why it’s great for endurance
  • Avocado – rich with folic acid and Vitamin B6

And that’s just short list of them. The key here is to have fun with it all, and try different natural unprocessed foods all the time to see how your body reacts as we are all different. You might be surprised as to what you find and if you use some of these to surprise your partner in bed, well…

One more thing you will find as you eat healthier is that your libido and self-confidence will naturally increase. Donuts and chips may be your weakness but do they make you feel sexy? Most likely on the contrary right?

The other part of Healthy Eating

Libido and sex aside, healthy eating is what will give you faster results than just exercise alone. It’s the one part that is the most difficult to overcome because we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements and our brain can be easily fooled by the chemicals foods like that from McDonald’s gives. It might be pleasurable eating it but a couple hours later?

I believe you’re getting the point here, but I want to keep making it better. How about weekend themes like “Mexican” or “Greek” where you try making fresh salsa or chicken souvlaki with greek yogurt and fresh herbs? Focus on the healthy here but make it fun and get a little silly.

Fruits are also super easy to incorporate here because there is such a large variety. Remember those days as a kid when you parents would come home with raspberries or watermelon? Try and catch that excitement again and get creative (many of you loved my Fruit Melon Sorbet Blast recipe).

Can Supplements Help?

This question is definitely a good one, sure natural raw foods are best, but supplements can definitely help. Omega 3’s, whey protein, multi-vitamins, garlic extract, green tea extract…all of these are pretty awesome in allowing you to be at your best, and when you’re at your best you feel and enjoy the most!

Try these:

So how are you going to make healthy eating fun and maybe even sexy? Please leave a comment below…