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Weight Loss Tips – Leg Exercises

Are you one of those people who gets in the gym day after day but barely does any resistance exercises for your leg muscles?

Perhaps you do a few leg exercises every week but you’re still not noticing results with weight loss and muscle gain in the rest of your body as much as you should be.

So let’s look at some surprising results of a new study examining calories burned the day after resistance exercises for lower body compared to upper body.

The study found that people who exercised their lower body burned more calories the next day compared to those who exercised only their upper body.

The reason?

The theory is that your large leg muscles like your quadriceps and hamstrings generally have much more muscle mass than your chest and arms, so per square area you are firing much more muscle fiber with exercises targeting your legs.

So where is the kicker here? On the following day your body is expending tons of energy to repair and upgrade your muscles so if you are working out a greater muscle area then you are also repairing more muscle fibers.

The result? More calories burned, more inches off your waist and more muscle strength and size. Now we’re talking!

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to follow the workout series for men and women that I have created which includes some great foundational leg exercises. Check these out if you missed them…

Conclusion: Weight Loss Tips – Leg Exercises

No excuses here of you having big legs already or working them out in your other sports! If you really think you should be getting better results from your training then why not trying a little more focus on doing some more intensive resistance exercises for your legs every week (at least once a week is a good number).

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