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New Year’s Resolutions: Fat Loss Edition

Imagine this… the year 2015 is finally here and you have won the struggle with having the health and body you have always wanted. You close your eyes and picture yourself smiling from head to toe because this summer is the summer where you are looking forward to shedding your clothes and showing off all your hard work. THIS is the greatest feeling, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of well-being, a sense of complete victory.

Now if you think you’re alone in always trying to lose fat, well let me tell you that’s complete bull! Everyone including the most elite fitness competitors are always challenged by their body’s fat percentage. Fat is the one element that covers our muscles and separates it from our skin all the while removing definition and tone.

With this said I should preface to say that fat is not all bad! Media and magazines force us to believe that if we have some fat that we are unhealthy, but through evolution there must have been a reason that we were created with the ability to store fat. The real truth is that fat is a form of fuel that keeps our muscles, brain and heart running when we are sleeping, and in times when we have no food. Without it we would be completely non-functional and our organs would all crash. So where do we find balance?

We find balance by fully enjoying what we eat and focusing on eating clean healthy foods that are devoid of preservatives, chemicals and heavy processing. Let’s take it further and simplify it…

Fat Loss Resolutions

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Healthy and Tasty Eating for Fat Loss

Make sure you don’t buy unnecessary foods and store them in your cupboards, especially ones that are highly processed and have sugar, corn fructose or processed flour and preservatives in the ingredients. It’s easy to lose track of this so make a mental effort to resist the temptation to buy this and you have won a huge battle.

If you don’t have unhealthy processed foods staring at you when you open your kitchen cupboards then you also resist having the temptation all together. I guarantee that this will work so give it a try.

I’ll be adding many more tasty recipes to the Healthy Recipes section of this site so take a quick look and add variety to your eating plan. Use spices and fruit to bring lots of flavour to your meals. A few slices of apple in a salad or grilled with your chicken are great additions. (P.S. I’m looking for a healthy chef to volunteer recipes for this site, leave a comment below if you know anyone!).

High Intensity and Circuit Training for Fat Loss

This is the year you want to add more high intensity interval training as well as circuit style variation to your workouts as this is probably the best way to blast away fat.

With high intensity interval training you want to add 30 second sprints every minute or two regardless of whether you are on the elliptical, treadmill, bike or any other cardio equipment and activity. Change this up as much as you can to keep your body guessing. Try a week jumping rope and another week hiking or kickboxing.

Through high intensity training you are shortening your cardio time and improving your fat loss efforts and you are training to the point of exhaustion. Just remember to take a day off between sessions to allow your body to recover.

What about circuit training? With circuit training you are doing one group of 6 or 7 exercises one after each other with little (30seconds) to no rest in-between exercises. This can get pretty intense and boost up your metabolism to burn fat at an accelerated pace throughout your day.

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What are your fat loss New Year’s Resolutions? As always appreciate your comments below…