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4 Signs You Need To Make Changes To Your Diet Plan

There are tell tale signs that you are body is giving you each day hinting that you really need to change your diet plan. The question that lies therein though is are you listening to these messages or are you ignoring them and pushing through your day?

Well it’s pretty easy to ignore them because there are so many stressors in our lives and we tend to lay blame on one thing or another but if we take into consideration the signs that we need to change our diet at least we can rule that part out. So let’s look at the 5 signs…

1. You always crash at a specific time during the day

I used to get this a lot when I was working in an office 10 years ago…crash at 3pm almost every work day. I wish I was aware of my body then, because a simple change in my eating habits would have solved that problem. You see I was doing the regular 3 meals a day routine and my lunch was most often the biggest meal of the day because I was famished by noon, then by 3pm I would fight keeping my eyes open!

If this sounds like you in any way, here is the solution. Simply change your diet so that your lunch is split into 2 smaller meals. What’s happening when you eat a large meal is that your body goes crazy digesting all the food and you get a huge surge of sugar (from breakdown of carbohydrates & proteins) in your blood from all the food but then you also have a huge crash of sugars and this induces a total sleep state.

By splitting your meals you don’t get that huge crash anymore and instead provide your body with continuous energy. Give it a try and see the difference!

2. You feel bloated all the time

Do you feel bloated all the time or at least a lot of the time? This is a clear indication that you need to change your diet in one form or another. Now here’s something of a surprise… for the most part we feel bloated when we don’t have adequate water intake!

Surprising isn’t’ it?

Generally a bloated feeling occurs when we have had caffeinated or salty foods and these cause our body to retain water. So either try increasing your water intake to counteract this problem, or better yet reduce your caffeine or salt intake.

3. Your eyes look like they need a trip

Eyes are the windows to your soul, but more importantly to your health as well. If the bags under your eyes are freaking out they are warning you of a number of different health issues. Most likely you didn’t sleep enough, but it could also be that again like in the tip above that your intake of caffeine and salt is too high or it could also mean that you are not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

The solutions are simple. Consume more fresh vegetables and fruit which are high in antioxidants so they can help your body eliminate daily toxins. Give your body a 2 week break from caffeine and salty foods and make sure you do your best to get adequate sleep.

4. You go for a workout but feel unmotivated and tired

If you are getting as far as getting your butt into the gym but then feel really unmotivated and tired what is the first thing you should look at? You guessed it, your diet! An hour before your workout you should have had some healthy carbs like oatmeal, or fruit like bananas/apples, or even some whole wheat toast with light peanut butter because these are the foods that will provide you with the energy you need to really push yourself in your workout.

A clear sign is when you are working out and you feel light headed and see stars. This means you didn’t eat properly before your workout and your water intake was probably also too little. Become conscious of this one point and you will gradually see improvements in your motivation and energy levels at the gym.

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Conclusion to Making Changes to Your Diet Plan

This article isn’t brain science, but its intention is to remind you to become more aware of your body and the signs it is giving you each day. Notice your energy levels throughout the day or think about what may have caused the disruption from the day before. Prepare your attack and have a healthy diet plan that fits all the criteria of being full of fresh fruits and veggies plus smaller meal sizes and lots of water. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Do you notice energy crashes in your day? What changes will you make to counteract this? Please leave a comment below…