should you eat sugar free foods

Should You Eat Sugar-Free Or Diet Foods?

I’m sure you’ll agree that the food industry is always evolving, changing it’s face and constantly re-inventing itself.

With the world’s current obsession with losing weight, more and more food producers are focusing on producing diet and sugar free foods.

These foods claim to have fewer calories, which is great for weight loss, but are they something you should be consuming?

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to consume whole, unprocessed foods on a cut. Things like fruits, vegetables and meats are all staples that should be the basis of any cutting diet. These foods are natural (relatively speaking), offer great nutritional benefits, and keep you full.

They are also usually cheaper than processed foods and most of the time taste better. If you have even the most basic cooking skills, you can make something that tastes many times better than any processed foods you can find on the shelves at your local grocery store, right?

But, if you have to eat processed foods, it is ok once in a while to eat sugar free or diet foods. But, my methodology on the subject has always been this – if you are going to have a cheat, why not eat food the way it was intended, then forget about it and go back to your diet.

If you want to eat a cookie, what is better – a sugar free cookie that tastes like cardboard or a real one that tastes like cookies are supposed to taste.

In the end, it is really your own personal decision. You are wise enough to make your own decisions, and you can go and look for information yourself. If you are eating a relatively healthy diet, you should not be eating that many processed foods anyways, but objectively look at your diet situation and see if it is worth it for you!

Try them out and see if it makes a difference in your progress….

Your feedback is appreciated on this mater! Do you agree or disagree with this ideology? Please leave a comment below…