Melt Fat Faster - 7 Tips to Better Sleep

Better Sleep = Quicker Fat Loss

It’s no wonder that one of the most popular categories of apps and tech toys that are being purchased every day are those to help you have a better sleep, it just goes to say how many of us have a challenging time with keeping a healthy regular sleep pattern.

The worst part of having bad sleep is that it impacts your body’s ability to regulate hormones and with that comes mood swings, uncontrollable hunger cravings, and worst of them all – just a feeling of laziness and lack of motivation to kick ass with your fitness and healthy eating routine. This ultimately results in you seeing little or no progress with your fitness plan even if you think you are still giving it your all.

With that in mind, let’s have a refresher on some of the best sleep tips to help you regroup, these kind of quick reads are great to bring this back to mind and if you’re a smarty pants you can save this article and come back to it every-time you notice a lack of results.

7 Tips to Better Sleep

1. Planning is the route to all success. 

If you read many self improvement books or read best sellers like one of my favorites – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People you’ll notice that they all talk about planning with your most important things having the most emphasis.  That means if you value sleep as much as you should, then you should be planning each and every day with sleep and wake time in mind.  That means also taking into consideration roadblocks and bumps in the road that can try and set you of course.

2. Tone down the lights.

It’s incredible how much light can have an impact on your circadian rhythm (this is your body’s sleep/wake cycle which impact all your physiological processes).  The hour before bedtime is a great time to turn down the lights, focus on natural lighting like from candles or soft coloured bulbs (the Philips Hue Lights are an investment, but amazing and can be controlled by your phone).  With this also comes the advice of turning down the lights on your electronic devices and tv or switching to an ipad that has night mode capability is a pretty smart move.

3. Wake up with light.

On the other side of this comes your ability to wake up naturally with light.  One of the best investments I made a little while ago is the Philips Wake-Up Light, it gradually lights up your room starting from 30 minutes before your alarm.  I found this incredibly powerful for my morning workouts because it is always a challenge to get up early and get it done but the impact that it has made in making sure I get to the gym and starting off my day with tons of energy has been absolutely amazing.

4. Curb the eating before bed.

Night time cravings are the worst in wreaking havoc on your healthy eating plan and sleep patterns, and especially within a couple hours of your bedtime. Try having some celery and nut butter or a small high protein smoothie to keep the cravings at bay at least 2 hours before bedtime. Then floss and brush your teeth and notice how these cravings will get a kick in the butt and you’ll get a better sleep and wake up with a belly that has been put in check.

5. Calm your running mind.

The worst state to be before bedtime is a mind that is running a thousand miles a minute. Keep a journal and write all these things down just before bedtime, it works every single time in helping you calm your mind. Take it to the next level with some simple meditation that is focused on your breathing and thinking about all the things you are grateful for.

6. Keep your sleep environment cool.

Numerous sleep studies (Dyson Cool Air Tower Fan) mention how having a cool body temperature while sleeping can reduce insomnia.  Research indicates that 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius  is the optimal room temperature to help you regulate your temperature and have a better nights sleep.  For me this has meant investing in a Dyson Cool Air Tower Fan which is also a pretty beautifully designed accent to your room.

7. Keep a natural sleep aid in your night table.

For those nights when you are feeling totally restless and you’ve tried everything, having a natural non addictive sleep aid like Irwin Naturals Power To Sleep PM at hand is a smart one to take into consideration.

Conclusion to Melt Fat Faster: 7 Tips to Better Sleep

What better time than tonight than to start implementing all or some of these tips for a better night sleep.  After all they will help you melt that faster and keep you in the best shape of your life.

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Have any questions or feedback about these tips? Please leave a comment below…